Cotton and hemp summer, 3 kinds of shirts help you get the refreshing wind


At the high temperature, it seems that only the cool cotton and linen shirt can be calmed down. If you want to refresh the summer, you have to be full.

Classic stand -collar cotton linen shirt


Classic stand -up shirts prevailed as early as the Republic of China. The lines of the shirt created the temperament, and the combination of the stand -up collar and the national style elements allows the stand -up shirt to have a place in today’s fashion circle.

The linen fabric reduces the rigidity of traditional business shirts. The light and soft texture makes the shirt a little more agile and casual. The lower body can easily get the shape.


Leisure Hengli led cotton and linen shirt


Henry collar shirt is even more European and American style. Compared with traditional shirts, the semi -placket design is a bit more casual. The exquisite little collar also instantly makes the whole person look more capable.


Henry collar shirts have more modern fashion sense, so you can choose a light blue ripped jeans for matching to create a pleasant casual style, step on a pair of small white shoes, and a delicate and elegant man will create a complete creation. It’s right.


Chinese -style cotton shirt

The Chinese -style intersection design is inspired by the intersection shirt of Hantang’s clothing. The shape of the left and right collar shows a bit of national style. With the style of cotton and linen, it makes the overall style more mature and restrained.

Similar to V -neck -collar shirts is a weapon that modifies the face shape. The extension of the geometric lines can enhance the stretching effect. The lower body can easily control the black casual pants or pants.