It is fashionable in autumn and winter, and it is so beautiful to wear cigarette pants


You need a pair of pants, comfortable with you and not rude.


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Fashionable autumn and winter, smoke pants are so beautiful

¥ 99


Regarding the single items in autumn, we might as well change the idea this year:


Use a small amount of items to make as many Look.


Create a “capsule wardrobe”!


Especially for urban women who are treated and practically coexisting, they have both jobs. From one place to another, they must take the subway or step into office writing buildings at any time.

A tailor -cut suit, a very wide -style shirt, a soft woolen sweater … Because of a pair of texture pants, they will release their charm.

I recommend it to everyone today

High -waist nine smoke pants

“Simplified combination with feminine, sharp minimalism” highlights the fashionable taste.

The pants are the tone. Going over the blogger on Instagram, it is not difficult to find that a pair of good pants are in the “

The essential

Nine -point length, clean and neat,

On this day of shirts, fallen leaves and romance, walking with you calmly on the street.

Inheriting a neutral feeling, as well as the family in Yishu, stepped on the puddle.

High waist design

, Wear long legs, creating a whole body proportion.

Even wearing flat shoes is the same.


So this pants are very suitable




Any top, use it with peace and quiet, you can wear style without spending too much time.

The fabric is full of vitality,

Blend with some slight elasticity

So you can rest assured to stack clothes in it–

Autumn bottom socks and warm pants in winter can be accommodated.

Note: The specific fabric is polyester+sticky fiber


The feel is fluffy, the texture is dense, and the texture is very textured. It is even more comfortable to wear on the body:

Light, not heavy, and proper with you.

And, we have always wanted “


It can be obtained from this high -waisted nine -point cigarette pants.

Double -sided design


2 oblique pockets


, Soft arc, naturally placed on both sides of the pants, easy to intervene.

Match with a pair of dwarf pointed shoes, literary and chic ~

The thin and thick, not too cool autumn, Beijing, wearing it alone.

The fabric is well -woven and tightly, and it will not let the wind drill in easily, and calmly leave the street; after the sky is cold, add pantyhose to the situation at will, fashionable and warm.

There are 3 colors: black, gray, khaki, soft and natural, which is a romantic earth color suitable for autumn and winter.

Black │ ○

The color that is not out of date is low -key and thin, and it is versatile and assured in autumn and winter. It can be matched with all colors, rigid and soft.


Follow yourself in a reliable range.



Gray │

Without sharpness, but confident and calm.

Use low saturation gray, gentleness and no publicity, one of the representatives of earth colors. Inadvertently disclosed taste and tone.

Khaki │

It is a color number between rice and brown. It is naturally clean and has a loose comfort.

Soft and simple, it is surprising that the moment when it is put on.

It’s cold, but not arrogant. It is particularly suitable for Asian women with gentle and quiet personality, and be elegant in autumn


The clothes are attached to the body, the shadow of a person’s soul.

Inadvertently, our pursuit of style has slowly transitioned from the position, sharpness, interesting and fun in the youth to adults.

Stylish and actual wear


Then fall in love with a series of urban women’s fashion,

Retrinating, spirit, to travel through the sea, squeeze the subway,

Walking like flying to hurry up …

You need a pair of pants, comfortable with you and not rude.