Hundreds of dollars also have a “carving” brand! GIGABYTE B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard evaluation


I. Foreword: 100 yuan motherboard also “small carving” can support Win7 Gigabyte B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

All along, “AORUS” has the name of the big sculpture in the Gigabyte family, has a good reputation, color value, work materials, and after-sales, in the high-end electricity, is luxurious. Now Gigabya puts AORUS to the mid-end B365 motherboard, that is, the Gigabyte B365M Aorus Elite motherboard to evaluate today.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

GIGABYTE B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard is a standard M-ATX board design with a size of 24.4x 24.4cm. On the material, a 6-phase mixing digital is powered, and a digital drive chip and an octafa MOSFET are available.

At the same time, since the AORUS MOScondy armor is applied, the temperature of the power supply portion under high load can also be better controlled.

In theory, this board can support the top I9-9900K, of course, it is also recommended to match the I5 level processor.

Compared with other Intel 300 series of motherboards, a natural advantage of the B365 chipset is to support Windows 7 operating systems, which is also a better selling point for users who have been Win7.

Gigabyte B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard parameters are as follows:

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

Second, appearance: 6-phase digital power supply + powerful extension ability

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

GIGABYTE B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard overall with black orange color, capacitor class equivalents and Gigabyte “small carving” is presented with original silver metal.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

The motherboard comes with 2 12V Argb 4PIN pin, and the “Gigabyte RGB Fusion” software can be used to achieve the godding synchronization effect after connecting the Argb lighting device.

4 + 2 phase power supply design, in theory, I9-9900K can be supported, but the best match is also 65W TDP I5 processor.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

8PIN power supply interface.

4 DDR4 memory slots, up to 64GB DDR4 2666MHz memory.

As a small board, the expansion slot of B365M AORUS ELITE is also very rich, there is a PCI-E 3.0×16 slot, 1 PCI-E 3.0×4 slot, and a PCI-E 3.0×1 slot. One of the M.2 2280 and the M.2 22110 interface.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

In addition, there is a M.2 2230 interface next to the COMS battery, which can be connected to the Wi-Fi NIC or Bluetooth module.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

The current motherboard is generally used with the EZ Debug LED indicator. Gigabyte B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard also has 4 LED indicators, which represents the CPU, memory, graphics card, starting equipment, where is the problem is clear.

No need to translate complex Debug code, more friendly for primary players.

In addition, the motherboard also designs double BIOS. When the BIOS exceptions and the motherboard cannot start, the sub-BIOS will automatically repair the master BIOS program and start.

The audio section uses Rui Electronics’s Alc892 sound card chip, supports eight channels, and with 4 Japanese Nichicon audio special filter capacitors.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

The I / O interface on the back, with 2XUSB 2.0, 4XUSB 3.0, 1XTYPE-C, 1XHDMI 2.0, 1XDP1.4, 1XDVI, 1XRJ45, 6X3.5MM audio, and an uncommon PS / 2 interface.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

Third, BIOS settings: support fan intelligent start and stop

The “m.i.t” interface can make a variety of overclocking settings for the CPU, memory, or set a fan policy.

The CPU overclocking interface, you can set the CPU and memory frequency, but since B365 does not support overclocking, only the frequency can only be tonged, and it cannot be truly overclocked, and the memory can be supported to 2666MHz.

CPU advanced overclocking interface, multiplier, caching frequency, energy saving, AVX Offset, and more.

After the memory over-frequency interface, after opening XMP, the high-frequency memory will be set to 2666MHz after opening the XMP mode.

“Advanced Voltage Setting” interface.

The Computer Health Status interface can view the real-time voltage of the CPU and the memory, as well as the offset status of 3.3V, 5V, and 12V of the power supply.

The B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard integrates 1 CPU fan 4PIN, 3 4pin chassis fan interface. The four fan can be set separately in accordance with the CPU, MOS, motherboard or enclosure internal temperature. You can support low load fans completely stopped, reduce noise.

Start the option settings.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

Integrated Peripheral Settings interface.

Nuclear display setting interface.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

Fourth, Performance Test: First I 3-9350K machine standby power consumption is only 21W

Before the test Gigabyte B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard, our evaluation room just received the I3-9350K processor sent by Intel. At present, the processor is not listed in China. We use Kigabe Master to show you a 9350K performance.

The test platform is as follows:

1, CPU-Z

In CPU-Z, the single-threaded score of i3-9350k is 536, and the multi-threaded score is 1955.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

2, Cinebench R15

In the Cinebench R15 test, the single-threaded score of i3-9350K is 190cb, and the multi-threaded score is 697cb.

3, chess

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

In the chess test, the performance multiple of I3-9350K is 50.9, and 24,430 thousand steps per second.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测


百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

The I3-9350K runs WPRIME 32M single-thread performance test spent 30.3 seconds; and WPRIME 1024M multi-threaded test is used for 249 seconds.

5, power test

Test the power consumption of standby, copying, and running “Watching Pioneer”. The power used for the test is a cool-cooling Masterwatt Maker1200W titanium power supply. The following data is the platform machine power consumption.

Gigabyte B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard is quite amazing after I3-9350K, in terms of power consumption, in the ODA64 FPU’s oven test, even if the processor has reached 4 core 4.4GHz, the core power consumption is only 46W, from 65W TDP There is also a very long distance.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

In the case of using the nuclear display, the standby power consumption of the platform is very low, only 21W, and the NAS on the market is almost.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

When performing the AIDA64 FPU oven test, the entire machine power consumption of the B365M Aorus Elite platform is only 80W.

When running “Watching Pioneer”, the whole machine power consumption is 83W.

The overclocking ability of i3-9350k will have a small surprise, please pay attention to our later detailed evaluation.

V. Summary: “Carving” of practical players

Through the above test, we will summarize the characteristics of Gigabyte B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard:

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

1. Ultra-low power consumption: When I3-9350k, the whole machine standby power consumption is only 21W. This figure is not much lower than the NAS on the market, so we can create a soft route, HTPC, DIY NAS , Download machine, etc. The standby is only 0.5 degrees of electricity, less than 3 cents.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

2, fan intelligence start and stop: In addition to can’t overclock, BIOS of the B365M Aorus Elite motherboard is not much different from the Z390 motherboard of home.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

The biggest feature is to freely set the CPU and the speed of the chassis fan, and also support the fan stop, you can achieve an absolute mute in the standby (most middle-end motherboards either do not support the stop, or set the fan speed to 0 When the fan will still be turned).

3, WIN7 support: Windows7 system still has many followers, but the new Generation Intel 300 series chipset no longer supports it. If you want to continue using Win7, you want to experience eighth, nine-generation Core processors, B365 motherboard is a relatively convenient and direct choice.

4, Argb Light Efficiency: Now the Argb Light Efficiency and Electricity have been inseparable. The B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard has 2 12V Argb pin, which can connect various equipment that support Argb, and adjust each by “Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0” software. Lights and godlings synchronous effects.

5, extension slots rich: 2 full-size PCIe 3.0×16, 2 PCIe 3.0×1, 2 M.2 2280 and a M.2 2230 slot, I believe that the extension needs of most players can be met.

Gigabyte B365M AORUS ELITE motherboard original price of 799 yuan, Jingdong Mall PLUS membership price is 699 yuan, currently on “100, can reduce 10 yuan” promotion activities, the actual hand price is only 639 yuan.

百元也有“雕”牌!技嘉B365M Aorus Elite主板评测

For a first-line brand “small carving” E-game motherboard, such prices have opened a sufficient gap with high-end Z390. For the pursuit of practicality and a stable player, it is very affordable.