Is it a new future for fitness tracks or a new toy of capital?


One mirror, the price is tens of thousands, will you buy it? Most people’s answers should be negative.

If this mirror can help you exercise to lose weight, there are many coaches to remotely guide every fitness action of you. For some time, you will reborn and become the most beautiful person in the world in the mouth of the magic mirror. Will you buy such a mirror?

Before you give you the answer, the capital circle has used action to say that they are quite optimistic about such a business about mirror.

By chance, the fitness mirror is fire

At the end of June 2020, Lululemon, Canadian sports retail brand, announced that it has acquired a newly -founded company Mirror for $ 500 million. This is a sports brand that has been founded for four years. It has only one product Mirror fitness mirror.

Mirror founder Brynn Jinnett Putnam has studied ballet since childhood, and has experience in performing with the ballet group. He has the entrepreneurial experience of a fitness studio. These two life experiences have laid a foreshadowing for her.


According to her, the reason for the development of fitness mirrors was inspired by his studio members.

At that time, a member sent her email and praised the mirror in the gym to play a role in giving back. He could clearly see every action of his mirror and revise it at all times, which is very helpful for him.


This makes Brynn think of the days of practicing ballet. It is also facing a large floor -to -ceiling mirror to correct her movements and forms. It coincides with the six -time period of time, and her home and studio make her feel physically and mentally exhausted. She also Want to develop a hardware device suitable for everyone at home.

The two creatures collided in Brynn’s mind in a timely manner, so they had a preliminary concept of Mirror fitness mirror. Mirror’s Chinese meaning is a mirror, which can be talked about this name. Brynn’s entrepreneurial road has been successful.


With product prototypes and product names, Brynn set off to find investors. Until 2020 was acquired, Mirror received a total of 4 rounds of financing, with a cumulative $ 74.8 million. In the last B1 round of financing in 2019, Lululemon also participated in, leaving clues for the full acquisition case.


Although the Mirror brand has been established since 2016, its original product was only available in 2018.

Mirror fitness mirror is 132cm high, 56cm wide. The design is simple. It is suitable for hanging on the wall by wall, but it will not notice it as a mirror that is priced at $ 1495.


However, when it is on the screen, it can reflect its true value. Below the mirror is a 40 -inch full HD LCD screen, which is used to display fitness courses.

Users can see their body and coach’s movements in this mirror at the same time.

However, in addition to spending money on hardware equipment, 39 US dollars per month can be paid to obtain relevant fitness courses.

▲ Mirror also has power training courses, but other equipment needs to be purchased separately

Counting it, this is not much cheaper than that in the gym for half a year. The reason why fitness mirrors can be popular in foreign markets is one of the causes of the new crown epidemic. It is not possible to go out in the short term, let alone dense places such as gym. At the same time, the virus is popular, which has increased people’s attention to health. Under the influence of dual factors, people began to seek home fitness.

The fitness mirror exactly meets the needs of this part of the home fitness, received a benign response in the market, and naturally smelled this wave of capital, and many fitness mirror brands poured out for a while.

Brands such as TEMPO and Tonal have received huge financing. Both new brands have broaden their functions on the basis of Mirror and add more force training tools. Especially the former Tempo, it uses a vertical cabinet design with a screen on it, while the lower cabinet is dumbbells, and the back is dumbbell rods and barbell rods.


▲ Tempo

▲ Tonal


Buying a TEMPO is equivalent to moving home with a small fitness studio, suitable for the local tyrants of fitness white and pictures. Its price is higher than that of Mirror, and the price of pure hardware equipment has reached $ 2495, and other accessories and fees are included. The sales volume is unknown. This year they received a round C financing of $ 220 million, which shows that capital is optimistic about it.


▲ Tempo kit


Fitness mirrors have appeared abroad for three or four years, and consumers’ acceptance of this brand is getting higher and higher. According to the Lululemon annual report, Mirror’s smart mirror sales rose sharply in 2020, achieving a revenue of $ 170 million. From the rough calculation of software and hardware, the annual sales should exceed 90,000 units. Lululemon’s expectations for Mirror was that revenue increased by 50% to 65% in 2021 to $ 250 million to $ 275 million.

▲ Mirror display area in Lululemon offline stores

Mirror lives in the North American market. On the other hand, fitness mirrors are still new.

Different in the country encounter water and water dissatisfaction

Many players have flooded out of the domestic fitness mirror market since 2020, and it is the brand of Fiture. Fiture launched the first fitness mirror “Fiture Slim Magic Mirror” in October last year. The hardware form is quite similar to Mirror. It also has two installation methods: landing and wall hanging. It also uses software+hardware business models. , Tmall sells for 8,200 yuan, including one -year fees.

As of the end of the draft, a certain e -commerce platform

Display monthly sales 200+, and the number of comments is 443

Essence Such sales obviously cannot afford the $ 1.5 billion valuation of Fiture.

Under the product page, many people ask questions. The question is concentrated in the exercise that is based on TV or mobile phone on TV or mobile phone. Category.

The popularity of Mirror also proves that the existence of the fitness mirror is valuable, but why do similar products appear as soon as possible in the domestic market and have no extensive cognition? I personally think that the factors are divided into a few points:

Excessive pricing, single product function, narrow track


First of all, the advantage of the fitness mirror is to embed the screen and camera in the mirror. Through the user’s own control and the AI ​​coach analysis, it helps athlete to correct the movement and reduce the chance of injury. This is the fitness app on the mobile phone that it cannot be done, but this

Not enough to make consumers willingly spend thousands of buying a mirror to get these functions

▲ Huawei smart screen x65

If the price is reasonable, for example, you can buy it with a price of only a Nintendo fitness ring. You can unlock more courses when paying dozens of members per month. s concern.

The second is a single fitness mirror function, compared to TV + Keep and training, the former

It’s just that the advantage of the self -correction action of the mirror

When thinking of its tens of thousands of prices, many consumers have retreated in their hearts.

In the end, the fitness mirror is on a human track of anti -human nature. The matter of fitness requires people to maintain long -term self -discipline. A simple sentence “control your mouth and open your legs”. How many sweats are hidden behind? It is clear, and the lack of instant feedback on fitness activities, it is difficult to see the effect in the short term. Once you give up, you will encounter a rebound.


The most loud domestic Keep has been immersed in the fitness track since 2015. Now that there are 200 million users, the valuation is 2 billion US dollars, and the hardware/ software is working together. Start the overall profit.

When KEEP partner Liu Dong was asked if he would develop a fitness mirror product, he did not respond positively, but only analyzed the hardware variables of future fitness mirrors.

At the beginning of this year, Keep announced that its number of members has exceeded 10 million. In order to prevent yourself from being in the disadvantage of emerging markets, Keep may launch its own fitness mirror products, but it is more like an affiliated product of a member system, one of the hardware ecology, which The significance is the same as the dynamic bicycles and treadmills sold in the Keep Mall. It is the only way to promote user stickiness with hardware to educate users to form fitness habits.

From this point of view, domestic fitness mirror products broke out in 2021, more like a closed door. The door was jubilant, and the door was deserted. Whether the feathers will be lost in the end, let the time tell us.