4 The spring shoes you want to buy, each pair is so fashionable


Just wearing small white shoes for a long time, and wanting to take into account the comfort. Lefu shoes are a good choice for dating and commuting.

No matter what style it is, Lefu shoes can be controlled.


More importantly, it


Not to pick a feet


, Wide and feet are fat for a long time without squeezing your feet. Walking on the road is soft and comfortable, and it is also convenient to wear and take off.

However, the quality and price of Lefu shoes on the market are uneven. Just look at the picture without a substantial feeling, but after putting on the feet, you can feel obviously different. Style, materials, and workmanship will affect the overall sense of dressing.


Therefore, it is not easy to build a pair of good shoes.

Liya shared a loafers last year, and successively received praise from everyone: “buying the value”, “comfortable breathable”, “not grinding feet”, etc., and even the fairy thinks it is easy to wear, and repurchase a few pairs of pairs of pairs. , But the inventory is not much, and it has been sold now.

This is not time to wear loafers again, and the fairy has been promoted to the new. Liya carried out on the basis of the original

New upgrade



This new Lefu shoes today is not only better, but even the style has picked you 4 models to ensure that you choose the satisfactory pair.

Spring and summer shoes, comfortable and breathable is the key

Liya should emphasize the material. The bottom of the feet is prone to sweating in spring and summer. When it encounters impermented shoes, it is particularly easy to sully stuffy toes.


And the insoles of this loaf shoes are used

Breathable soft leather

, Step on the soft skin, don’t worry about sweating, rest assured.

The upper and shoe are made of fine fiber materials. The feel is very comfortable.


Do not wear the skin of the instep and heels.

The overall shoe type is long, and the toe is design of the small square head. It is very tolerant. The modification effect after putting it is very nice.

Liya specially found Amy in the studio.


Girls, I am particularly afraid of squeezing their shoes, but after this pair of Lefa shoes on the feet, not only the comfort is high,

Not squeezing or grinding, and he is particularly thin.


In addition, the height of 3cm belongs to small low heels. It will not be tired when wearing it, and you can quietly pull your body. Whether you wear it or go shopping, there is no pressure.

Stepping down

After that, it can become Mueller shoes, a pair of shoes, and two ways.

High -value design, I love these shoes

In the past two years, Lefu shoes with huge flames, as Fang Kaileford shoes, such beautiful shoes, Liya certainly does not allow you to miss it.

Especially after adding the pearl element, don’t have a new idea, to enhance the refined look in the whole set of LOOK in minutes.


And it is

Gentle milk white,


It won’t look too dead. I also chose this color after I picked N more pairs, which was very light.


Believe me, you will not let you down when you get your hands, the shoes of spring should be like this!

The potato silk deduction is

This year’s Internet celebrity

The overall style is neutral. Whether you want to match the commute, casual outfit, you can have the effect of style shaping.

There are two other models worth starting, no matter how many years we wear, they

Don’t worry about outdated

Style, simple and classic.

I have two colors of black and apricot colors in each style. Those who like to choose black will choose black.


Start with two pairs and change to wear!

Simple and generous, you can wear it everyday at work

This pair of loafers have another advantage I like, that is, is

Very versatile.

Look1: suit+jeans


Like Liya usually go to work, the top of the shirt, paired with a pair of jeans, and then put on Lefu shoes to go out directly.

Basic Lefu shoes may also look too man to be too monotonous, but with the blessing of pearl elements, the refinement will come up instantly.

Especially for girls who are new to the workplace, high -heeled shoes are too tired, and small white shoes are naive, a pair

Simple and generous loafers

, It’s right.

Because apricot -colored Lefu shoes are casual, I have used a relatively comfortable single product to create a casual and casual Feel. It is quite suitable for daily wear.

Look2: shirt+tofu pants

want to


Highlight the sense of gas

Then choose the black model.

Don’t worry that black will be too dull and dull. The design of metal potato shreds is sexy and very interesting.

The pants are paired with refreshing tofu pants. The minimalist style of one black and white is quite neat and capable, giving people a very attitude and elegance.

Of course, don’t forget to expose the slender ankle part, and the appropriate skin exposure is even higher and thinner.

There are many choices of tops, this one

Silk shirt


It’s my recent new favorite.

Compared with other fabrics, the luster and pendant of the silk are excellent, and they can work hard to wear a high -level fashion sense.

This set is not too deliberate to match, but someone will definitely praise you to have taste.

Look3: blouse+half skirt


If you go out for a date or a spring tour, Liya will wear a sweet or feminine half skirt, which is the same color with the matching of loafers.



Small white skirt

Of course, the small freshness coming from the face is very suitable for wearing to play.

Be sure to choose a pear -shaped figure like me

A -character version

, Can modify the problem of width.

The long legs growing to the calf can cover the legs of the legs, and the real penetration index is full.


There are many changes in the style of loafers. Whether you want to match the formal style of the workplace or the sweet and elegant look, there is no problem. Everyone can wear the feeling they want.

Especially such a pair,

Classic and versatile style, comfortable feet and breathable

Liya, Liya suggested that the fairy must enter.