10 conscience national tide jeans brands, how many do you know?


Jeans, almost everyone’s wardrobe. With the rise of domestic goods, many brands create “national tide jeans” based on the characteristics of Chinese people, and from fabric research and development to design styles, they are more in line with the needs of Chinese people.


Next, what are the excellent brands of national jeans?


Able Jeans


Able Jeans belongs to the factory’s own brand. He has worked as a foundry for Dutch denim clothing brand G-Star, and has been certified by Swiss blue label Bluesign. Its modern retro, street trend design style, and frequent appearances in variety shows such as hip -hop, rap, have successfully attracted the attention of many millennial generations.

It is famous for 3D pants type, with four versions. Among them, TAPERED is highly respected. Considering the Asian body factors and combined with three -dimensional tailoring, it has become an original patented version. Also sought after is the “banana pants”, which can be worn by men and women without gender design. The sales volume has been at the forefront since its release. In addition, it also pays attention to the national tide element. The Chinese imagination series is a representative. It uses different colored denim fabrics for splicing, combined with the water washing process, and has a unique appearance and unrestrained street feeling.

ABLE JEANS’s pricing is not high. Except for the high-end series prices of about 800-1500 yuan, the average price of other series is around 500 yuan. There are shops in online and offline, which is easy to buy.



As a new generation of domestic products, although Beaster cannot compare with traditional clothing such as Li Ning and Taiping, with its iconic product appearance and rich design connotation, it is also sought after by many domestic trendy clothing enthusiasts. The ghost face of the corner of the wave -shaped mouth is the iconic symbol that Beaster is well known.


Its jeans do not have a fixed product line, and each quarter has different themes. The creative philosophy is taken from social phenomena, providing young people with products that convey positive attitudes, such as 2:30 AM Capsules series reflecting anxiety under fast -paced life, staying up late for the normal state Question; The Strangers series encourages young people to understand and express themselves.

Beaster denim trousers have no gender, mainly loose and comfortable, so the material is mainly cotton, and the version is basically loose straight. If you like street trends, the funny Beaster will be very suitable for you, and the price is not high. Basically, you can start with about 300 yuan.




INXX was originally mainly introduced and sold international high -street tide tide products. It started its own brand in the later period. It now has multiple independent brands such as INXX, Stand By, InxxSports, ReCyancle, InxxStreet.

There are many inxx categories. Although jeans are not its main categories, the style is really novel and attractive. Different from Beaster’s funny appearance and distinctive youth attitude, Inxx conveys more attitudes towards the trend and interpret Chinese traditional cultural concepts. Both INXX and its brands are watery jeans. The materials are basically cotton -polying blended. Most of them are loose and straight. They are not straight and thick legs.


Inxx jeans pricing is basically between 400 yuan and 1,400 yuan. It is a high level among domestic brands. Fortunately, the design innovation ability is worthy of the price. It has received a lot of praise in fabrics, tailoring and design, but the version is not friendly to short people.





PRTH is the emerging denim brand established in recent years. It belongs to Shaoguan Beijiang Textile Co., Ltd. and is also its own brand. In 2016, it became the first partner of the Chinese denim fabric company, the world’s second BLUESIGN® system partner, and obtained a high -tech enterprise certificate, which has good strength in fabric production and research and development.

PRTH denim products attach importance to functional attributes. They can wear outdoor activities, break the original “casual attributes” of jeans, and realize the natural transition from daily leisure to sports outdoor scenes, which is unique in new jeans. Its jeans are divided by functional, mainly zero -pressure elasticity, antibacterial deodorization, cooling technology and heat and warmth. There are also jeans involving environmental protection, non -discoloration, or falling.

In terms of appearance, PRTH is mainly designed with multi -pockets and loose models, mostly pure colors, and the style is biased towards outdoor functions and work style. Both YKK zipper and custom alloy buttons are high. The quality is high. The jeans are selling for about 300 yuan, and the price is high.


Narrow range


The narrow range is the original jeans brand established in 2013. With excellent workmanship and retro style, they have received praise. The original intention of product design: insist on the use of a narrow scalp tannin fabric stained in the traditional blue -blue dyeing process, and interpret the “export product” of jeans with American retro style.


Its jeans are basically the original cattle, and there are a small amount of water washing jeans, but they basically use ribicon tannins. Divided by the series, there are four series of MBBCAR leisure main lines, My.B.C trend support lines, MMC retro branch lines, and MVC manual branch lines. Among them, my.b.c is based on popular culture. Generally, the original design patterns are added to local locations such as watch bags, back bags, and leather cards.

The average price of the product is about 250 yuan, but the cost of materials and process is high. For example, the customs of custom YKK main buckles, rivets, zippers and other hardware are adopted across the line. Some inside use of the edge processing and characteristic shell stitching, the cost is relatively high. It also provides after -sales service for lifelong warranty and maintenance, which is difficult to find in a group of domestic brands.


捭 捭 捭

The awareness of the 国 201, established in 2010, has a high popularity among the domestic original cattle and is loved by many domestic cattle. The price of 沾 捭 is similar to the dipping sauce. The overall is more affordable, and the level of workmanship and ingredients is also close, but 捭 捭 捭 pays more attention to innovation, and the research in the version is deeper.

The founder Micah incorporated many Chinese classical culture in the design concept of Kami, such as the main buckle, which has been used to this day. Its jeans do not have a clear series of distinctions, and they are similar in style, mainly in the backbag flowers and leather style. The eighth anniversary series launched in the near future is to re -engraved products in 2014, with more Chinese elements, such as Suzaku bag flowers and bronze bag flowers.


Except for the eighth anniversary series, the price of more than 1,000 yuan, most of the products are between 500-700 yuan. I like the original color of Chinese style elements, but do not want to spend too much friends. Compared with the Japanese cattle brand, Kamo is a good choice. However, there are no physical stores at present, and it is necessary to buy it online through a third -party agent store.






The dipping sauce is also sought after by many cattle raised people. Because the founder is affected by the design of Japanese denim, its overall style of denim products is partially retro. However, it is well -known and praised by people. It is super cost -effective.

There are many jeans series, and the high -end line Origin series and RAW series are not recommended to buy them. And SZ003 bamboo jeans are classic styles of dipping sauce. Since the sale, it has been widely praised. The tender green red ears, yellow green stitching and bamboo marks on leather cards are typical series elements. Embryo, strong retro charm, suitable for cattle raising people.


Although the appearance of many jeans with sauce is relatively similar, the dyeing, weaving and pounds of fabrics are different, and the colors formed after wearing are also different. At present, the sales channels of dipping sauce are mainly Taobao, and in Beijing’s offline experience stores.



Chiyun is the earliest Chinese brand to try to make raw jeans. With excellent product workmanship, she has won the love of domestic and foreign jeans fans. China Economic Network once praised Chiyun as “the senior denim brand designed and made in China.”

Use Xinjiang long velvet cotton to make denim cloth, wearing delicate and comfortable, and use cotton sewing threads to sew jeans, which can better combine the thread with the fabric and realize the simultaneous fading. In the past ten years, the popular and continuous best -selling models are the original color jeans of Goku R424. As a flagship product, they have a good workmanship. After many revisions, the latest version of the classic “tight” bag flower of the back bag is reserved, and it is in leather cards and cards. The rivets were changed to make a custom leather card and iron rivet for Japanese imported goatskin.

There are not many jeans products, and the styles are not rich enough. The overall version is single. It is based on straight pants type. The style is simple. Some pants are shallow or smaller after washing. The “card egg” will occur later.





As the first fashion apparel company to land on the A -share motherboard, Taiping Bird approached the trend. It appeared in New York Fashion Week in 2018 and 2019, and became the first domestic men’s clothing brand to appear on the cover of the British fashion magazine “Dazed”.

Jeans products are mainly washing jeans. There are no specific series of distinctions. The style is biased towards the daily foundation. There are also a small amount of technology products. The overall quality is good. The five versions of the shape can cope with the troubles such as short legs, thick legs, and shortness. However, the classic design is not deep in the version design. There is no ABLE JEANS pants version of the three -dimensional version, and the human curve is fitted.

Among the functional denim products, the clouds of cloud cotton series are more outstanding. It adopts the innovative cloud -blossom yarn structure. The weight is 10%lower than the cotton fabric, and the skin feels soft, the comfort is high, and the price of less than 400 yuan is still affordable. In addition, there are ice oxygen bar, three defense, and four -sided bullet functional denim products. Part of the purchase of user feedback, the practicality of the function needs to be considered.




Black Peony has more than 70 years of denim fabric production experience. It is one of the three major jeans suppliers in the world. ERQ is its jeans brand created in 2010.


ERQ does not have the original cattle products, mainly producing jeans, which is more suitable for the general public. There is no excellent appearance design, but fortunately the materials are really true. Under the trend of functional cowboy, ERQ is not backward. Ice oxygen bar denim products are representatives. After grinding jade to micron levels, add fiber, and then change the physical structure of the fiber Essence

Whether it is environmentally friendly water washing or cool -sensing functional jeans, ERQ pricing does not exceed 300 yuan. The price is very close to the people and the price is high. Compared with brands such as Chiyun, dipping sauce, 捭 等, ERQ’s sales channels are relatively complete, and it is easier to buy online and offline.