Recommended by good things: Li Ning basketball series sports pants, autumn new sports pants


New models, three -dimensional cutting! Cotton is very soft and thin. The breathability is very cool in summer, the size is very suitable, and the upper body effect is very good!

Pants are suitable for spring and autumn, and tailoring reasonably. Pocket zipper design and very user -friendly. Wearing comfortable fit and elastic exercise, it is a very cost -effective sports pants!

The domestic product brand is supported, the shape is also very good, fashionable, with small white shoes, the number is very good, the number is also easy to wash and dry, it does not deform after washing, it is tight and appropriate, it is worth recommending a kind of pants!

The quality is really beyond imagination, and this pants are very good. I have a thin and beautiful look. I really choose Li Ning to choose it! Fitness running is very suitable, you can wear it at work, there are zippers in your pockets, and it is safe to pretend to be safe!

Li Ning basketball series sports pants,

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Li Ning Sports Pants Men’s Guard Pants In the autumn, the small foot pants season tight cotton running large size loose casual pants summer dry trousers sports pants black 4xl/195 (recommended 210 catties-220 catties)

¥ 95