Look at so many pants to wear? It’s not as comfortable and fashionable as sports pants!


It’s already autumn, are you still struggling with what pants are you most suitable for you? After watching so many pants, do you seem to forget the existence of sports pants? That’s right, in fact, it is not as comfortable and fashionable as a sports pants to wear, don’t believe you to see

The leftover sports pants,

Actually, do you know super?

Your Fat Di has appeared at the airport recently. Does white T -shirt and sports pants and small white shoes look comfortable and fashionable?


Jolin Tsai Jolin’s sports style sports pants with denim shirts and sports underwear, mix and match with sports shoes, and there is a sense of fashion in leisure.


Wang Luodan wore a white T -shirt with green sports pants, did it look very comfortable? So sports pants are really super versatile ~


Or like Qiao Xin, T -shirts with sports trousers look comfortable and show fashionable temperament.

Bella Hadid


Or like Bella Hadid, wearing a sports wind out of the street, lace short TOP, a little mixed style, whether it is a real movement or shape, it is full of fashion.

Look at the supermodel Ken Dou, wearing sports pants out of the street for three days a week, and the style is not repeated, do you feel the practicality of sports pants ~

From left to right: MONSE 2018 Early Spring Series, Red Valentino2018 Early Spring Series, Dion Lee2018 Early Spring Series

Isn’t sports pants worn?


It’s fashionable to make a look!


Is it to exercise in sports pants? This kind of concept is too fascinating. Fashionable people wear sports pants and shapes, but it’s not really going to exercise ~

Cara delevingne


For example, like cara delevingne, with a silk camisole on it, and the lower body with sports pants of the same material. Of course, if you like it, with a pair of pointed high -heeled shoes, you can be elegant and handsome ~


Or use daily sports pants with short boots, even if wearing a “unknown cloud” printing top, it looks very stylish.


If you want an elegant style, as long as you match a slim top and choose a relatively simple style on the accessories, mixing and matching elegant style is definitely not a problem ~


Haider Ackermann cotton sports pants

Can be purchased at www.haiderackermann.com

MM6 MAISON Margiela casual pants

Can be purchased at www.maisonmargiela.com/us/us


The most practical letters T -shirt,

It is enough to match sports pants


In addition to the hot letters T -shirts this season, they can be paired with jeans, and the combination with sports pants is also cool ~


White T + red sports pants, simple and casual style, use a cat’s eye glasses and crystal heels or mid -heels to embellish, it will immediately become different.

Or the classic black and white to the extreme. White T is paired with black and white sneakers. The embellishment of the same color heel shoes allows the seemingly monotonous shape to upgrade again.

Black letter T -shirt with brown -yellow striped sports pants, while the color is competent, stepping on a pair of pair of slopes and sandals is also the key to instantly improve the style to improve the style ~

Gucci striped satin cloth flat line knitted casual pants


Can be purchased at www.gucci.cn

Stella McCartney sports pants

Can be purchased at www.tellamcccartney.com/hk

Do you use a shirt with a half skirt?


I put on sports pants with a shirt!


Everyone has a shirt model in the closet. In fact, it can also be matched with sports pants. Although the skirt is elegant, it will be boring if you wear too much. You may wish to try sports pants.

Victoria Beckham


How can you be such sports pants? When Bei is used to match a shirt, he can wear such a capable style. The key is that you can still have two meters long ~

Of course, you can also match the classic striped shirt with it. Remember to wear the shirt as an off -the -shoulder model so that you can improve the sense of styling ~

Whether it is a long or short shirt, as long as it is matched with MIX, it can make the seemingly “boring” sports pants full of style.

Chloé sports pants


Can be purchased in www.chloe.cn

Ashish with sequins, Silk Qiao Qiqisha casual pants

Can be purchased at http://ashish.co.uk/

After watching today’s sports pants matching, do you want to hurry up and match it in the closet? Maybe she is your most suitable style ~ or what else you have to match, welcome to discuss it ~


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