Rolls -Royce went to the sand, the logo is crystal, and the license plate number is more than 1 million more expensive than the car


In Dubai, a Rolls -Royce Curryan owner drove his car into the desert sand. Curon stood on the desert. The V12 engine made it effortless. In addition to in Dubai, what else will happen? As the world’s most expensive mass -produced SUV, there are few people who are willing to take it off the off -road and desert sand. Maybe everyone has different definitions of the car. This has a lot to do with values ​​and strength. If you tell you that this car can buy a house in first -tier cities, even the license plate number can buy a house. Do you think it is incredible?


The name Curon was first used on a 3100 carat diamond, and it is also the world’s largest diamond. Now, the world’s most expensive mass production SUV also uses the same name. After Curon’s rough stone was cut, the largest two were inlaid on the British crown and scepter. Even in the desert, you can still feel the strength of its aura. To a large extent, it has continued to this day. Of course, the brand itself. Celebrating the goddess is also the key source of the aura. The owner did not collect the celebration goddess. Perhaps it was to let others pay attention to it.


If you just look at the front of the car, it is exactly the same as Rolls -Royce Phantom. The traditional opening design has pushed its aura to its peak. It is not just the car, but the passengers in the back row can also be calm. The owner did not choose the common golden and silver “celebration goddess”. Instead, he chose the crystal material “Celebrating Goddess” with a light -emitting effect. This luminous standard is not selected by the owner if you want to choose. For example, the future European owners cannot choose. The reason is that this option does not conform to the EU’s latest optical pollution regulations.

Rolls -Royce owners are all top -level social figures in the back row, and Curin’s customers will be younger. In addition to traveling, they also like outdoor life, leave the city, and enjoy the scenery. All terrain cars meet rich needs. So the owner drove the car to the sand. As the highest positioning SUV in the world, it cannot find competitors at present. Various options are sky -high. You can see that the owner chose a double blue waistline, and the price of the double waistline is 120,000 yuan.

Just choose expensive, not right, this is probably the mentality of the Middle East owner. It is no exaggeration to say that Curin’s riders are the rich and princes in the Middle East. Take the Dubai of this car, for example, here is the world’s most customized Rolls -Royce. Dubai car owners are obsessed with customization, car paint choices, leather choices, wood ornaments, and even the color of carpets are selected. The most expensive car paint has reached 200,000 yuan, and the privacy glass is 50,000 yuan.


Two years ago, Curon, who had encountered the 22nd license plate at the gas station, was driven by the driver at the time. There are many luxury cars in Dubai. It is not unusual to see Rolls -Royce. If it was not because of the “noble” of the license plate, it may not be able to raise a camera. The less the number of the license plate of Dubai, the more valuable, the value of a No. 5 license plate is tens of millions. How much do you think is worth the 22nd? It is about 5.2 million yuan. Curin’s starting price in Dubai is 3.8 million yuan, and the license plate is more than 1 million more expensive than the car. When everyone opened Curinnan, only the license plate number showed themselves.

Curon is not defined as a traditional SUV by Rolls -Royce. It uses a high chassis with the same design method as the phantom. Qi field and luxurious interior, coupled with the blessing of the 6.75 -liter twin -turbo V12 engine, there is no reason to say that the movement attribute does not belong to it. Desert sand is a manifestation of the lifestyle of the Dubai owner, which is very enviable.