What elements of the 2017 summer children’s clothing is popular


As a hot mom who loves beauty, of course, she also has to show her fashion skills in dressing children. So, how can you miss the trend of the style of children’s clothing this season? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian, the fashion trend of children’s clothing in 2017!


★★ Popular Trend 1: Pattern elements (letters, flowers, fruits, logo, cartoon)


The little girl in the summer of 2017 looks like a sweet candy girl. The sprayed popcorn and sweet ice cream make people look at the appetite. Fresh fruits are exclusive to spring and summer, which makes people feel good.

The flower elements in children’s clothing in the summer of 2017 make this summer more colorful. The big printed flowers and fine flowers are so charming. Such vitality is the sight of Summer.


In the summer of 2017, the cartoon, badge, LOGO, etc. of the boys accounted for the main position. The interesting printing brings a naughty and active thinking to the boy, making the whole summer more dynamic; Brave and energetic.


★★ Popular Trend 2: Details Design (bow, wave point, color block stitching, lotus leaf edge)

Summer is reminiscent of colorful holidays, parties and parades, and the boom of bow and wavelet dots continues from the previous year to this year. The sweet wind on the major shows drives the prevalence of another element -ruffled edge, exquisite and quality color block stitching and lotus leaf edges make the popular items popular in children’s clothing in 2017 more outstanding.

The ruffled edge of the cute girl has evolved from the 16 -year horn sleeve, adding the sweet charm of the girl; the stitching of the color block can’t help but “insert a kick”. Fun -full color block stitching increases vitality, and bright colors are more suitable in summer.

★★ Popular Trend III: Key items (back pants, wide -leg pants, pleated skirts, hooded sweaters, sports suits)


The bib pants spread from the adult world to the children’s clothing world, and the casual atmosphere is more in line with the nature of children. In the summer of 2017, the cool and handsome wide -leg pants are no longer limited to adults. The soft cotton fabric and loose design make children wear refreshing and touching.

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The prevalence of sports style has brought a wave of sports, and sports and leisure clothing gradually became hot. The POLO shirt can be moved and casual, and the sports pants are incorporated into a more fashionable design, which is comfortable and casual.