35 online sales of children’s underwear comparison tests! The 14 models have not met the standard, most of which are “three products”


How about the quality of children’s underwear for online shopping




Consumer Rights Protection Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Release 35 children’s underwear sample comparison results

6 pH values ​​do not meet national standards


Li Jingying, director of the Consumption Guidance and Quality Supervision Department of the Guangxi Consumer Council, introduced that this comparison test involves the Tibu, cotton era, admiration, good children, Yingshi, David Bella, Hello Kitty, Antarctic, decimal point, Enova, Belle Poetic, Jelly Baby, Korean Qi, MIIIW (Cat Man), Lucky Duo, Triggeon Little Demon Boys, Famous Cang/Cang Cang/ZRZB/Pinky Coco (jointly produced) 35 samples, ranging from 3 yuan to 70 yuan.

Yisha, the engineer of the Fibrous Textile and Clothing Inspection Institute of Guangxi Quality Inspection Institute, said that according to the test results, 35 online children’s underwear samples:

■ Seven “three -free products” come from different online shopping platforms, and no information on product names, production plants, and factories are not marked.

■ Six (including 2 “three” three -no -products “) pH detection results do not meet the national standard samples from the nominal” Jieyang Youleku Clothing Co., Ltd. “and” Bengbu Coco Xili Trading Co., Ltd. “.

pH value

It is one of the safety indicators of textiles and one of the detection projects that are prone to meet the national standards.

The pH value is related to the standard or whether it is related to personal health and safety. The surface of the human skin is weak and acidic, and the textiles that are directly in contact with the skin are more than the appropriate range of human skin. The weak acidic environment of the human body will be destroyed, causing itching, allergies, inflammation and other diseases, and even harming human sweat glands and nervous systems. It affects the health of the human body.

Tang Chuyao, Secretary -General of the Guangxi Consumer Council, said in an interview with reporters that from the results of the comparison test, there are 14 samples such as “three -free products” in children’s underwear, label logo, and pH value. 40%. The Guangxi Consumer Council has interviewed relevant online shopping platforms based on the results of the comparison test.


Consumer reminder

When buying close -up clothes, check the product quality label first. If necessary, you can provide a test report. The specified label marks include information such as the name of the product, the name of the enterprise, the address, the product standard, the safety category, and the precautions for use.

Choose a brand and store with good reputation to compare with three companies and choose rationally. Try to choose high -quality natural pure fabrics, especially in the process of using green environmentally friendly materials during the printing and dyeing process, and does not contain chemical panties that cause skin discomfort.

When buying a “three -free product” or incomplete logo and unclear labeling, it is recommended to return and inform the e -commerce platform to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Source: China Consumer News