You who stay up late to watch the “World Cup”, can you know the origin of the “Hercules Cup”?


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The “World Cup” of the four years is the carnival season of football fans. Five -star Brazil, German tanks, blue troops, Gaul Chicken, Three Lion Corps … A strong tour on a green field attracts people to stay up late.


The 2018 Russia World Cup group match Brazil against Switzerland/Xinhuanet

As the world’s top events, every game, every goal, and every time you attack and persist, it is a master competition, sword light sword. The most concerned is that which team can laugh at the end, and finally hold the “Hercules Cup”!

In the World Cup group stage on June 19, Poland played against Senegal, and fans cheered the Polish team/Xinhua News Agency

What kind of life history and legendary stories are there in the glittering “Hercules Cup” behind international football activities? Through the 2018 World Cup in Russia, we look back at the 88 -year journey of this sports event …

The “World Cup” teams are struggling to work hard, and the competing is the “Hercules Cup” map/Visual China

The influence has exceeded the Olympic Games

The prototype of football is a Cuju that appears in ancient China. But modern football originated in Britain. Later, it gradually developed into one of the most watched and loved sports projects in the world.


There are two top events in international sports today, one is the Olympic Games, and the other is the World Cup. The World Cup is actually born in the Olympic Games, but its influence and broadcast coverage have exceeded the Olympic Games.

The Cuju event in ancient China is the origin of the origin of football


The modern Olympic Games, which originated from the ancient Greek Olympic Games, was held since 1896. In the first 30 years, football was performed only as an Olympic project.

However, after the rise of football clubs, football professional athletes appeared, and their skills were much higher than ordinary athletes. This affects the competitiveness and excitement of the Olympic football. So the International Olympic Committee issued a provision at the time that only amateur athletes could participate in the Olympic football match. After that, restricted regulations have changed.

In this regard, FIFA and Olympic Committee have been coordinated, hoping to have a better way to solve this problem.

The “World Cup” is born in the Olympic Games, so it also has the Five Ring Spirit Map/Xinhuanet

The birth of the World Cup in the end is related to a legend. He was the Frenchman Julis Reimit, then the FIFA chairman. Under his initiative and weekly, he decided to run another football game outside the Olympic Games.


The new “World Cup” football game has become another major event with the world’s most attention!

The founder of the World Cup Football Champion, the legendary figure Giolis Remit data map

After the Olympic Games in 1928, the FIFA held a meeting and unanimously adopted a resolution to decide that from 1930, the “World Football Championship” was held from 1930. Later to commemorate Reimit, it is easy to name “Reimit Cup”. It is also suggested that the two names are called “World Football Championship-Remit Cup” and passed, referred to as “World Cup”.


In the World Cup group stage this morning (June 20), the Russian team defeated the Egyptian team map/Xinhuanet 3-1


But Reimit is not the earliest initiator of the World Cup. As early as 1904, the first chairman of the FIFA and Frenchman Robel Gelan made such ideas to the leaders of various countries, but they gave up because there were not many countries willing to participate.

The first World Cup was held in Uruguay, South America in 1930. The Uruguay football team also became the first champion winner in the history of the World Cup.

In the first World Cup Uruguay in 1930, Reimit (left) handed over the trophy to the Chairman of the Uruguay Football Association Raul Judu/Xinhuanet


Why did the World Federal Union choose Uruguay as the host country, not a football power in the world today, such as Brazil, Germany, Italy, etc.?

Indeed, Uruguay was not the only bid, and Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries were also willing to undertake. But at that time, there were several outstanding advantages in Uruguay: First, Uruguay was the champion of the 1928 Olympic Games, which was the world football champion at the time; second, the Uruguay government was willing to spend money, not only promised to build a new venue, but also promised to all the competitions to all the competitions. The team provides accommodation.


Such a positive attitude and superior conditions, put other countries PK.


In the World Cup group stage of Russia on June 15, Uruguay played against Egypt/Xinhuanet

The birth and loss of “Goddess Cup”

At the beginning of the “World Cup”, it was not the well -known “Hercules Cup” as the championship trophy, but the “Goddess Cup”.

The first World Cup football game opened in Uruguay in 1930. Previously, FIFA commissioned French sculptor Raphael to design trophy. This is a trophy held by an octagonal marble base. The theme is Nike, the goddess of victory. She is wearing an ancient Roman waist skirt and spreading wings and holding a large cup with both hands. The trophy is made of sterling silver and is plated outside. The base is inlaid on all sides of the gold medal, which is used to engrave the name of the championship team.

The “Goddess Cup” data map printed on Japanese stamps


Following Uruguay, in 1934 and 1938, the Italian team raised the Goddess Cup twice. After the World War II, the World Cup was suspended for 12 years and re -held in 1950.

After the German army occupied Italy during World War II, it was looking for the Goddess Cup. Italian Barnes, then the FIFA vice chairman, hid the trophy in the shoe cabinet before she escaped.

In 1956, FIFA contributed to the former Chairman Reimit’s contribution to the World Cup, and renamed the goddess cup “Reimit Cup”.

Legendary figure Reimit and Reimit Cup (Goddess Cup) data map

Eliminating the goddess cup of World War II, it was accidentally stolen when it was exhibited in the UK in 1966. At that time, the world was sensational, and the London police searched for many searches without results. A week later, a dog named “Pezker” found it in the bushes in southern London. The dog owner received a bonus of £ 30,000 for this.

Police speculated that thieves were forced to abandon the grass because they could not sell trophy and escape the hunt.

1966 British World Cup England team won the championship, Queen Elizabeth personally presented awards to the team/Xinhuanet

In contrast, the “World Cup” is more precious than other trophy. After all, there are a large number of gold, silver, and bronze medals in the Olympic Games. But there is only one World Cup trophy, and only the champion team can raise it.

In addition, the champion team does not have a trophy, but only has the honor represented by the trophy. When the new World Cup was held four years later, the last champion would hand over the trophy and pass it to the next champion winner.

“Ball King” Belly Kiss the “Goddess Cup” information map of the World Cup four times

However, in the era of the “Goddess Cup”, the FIFA has an additional provision. If a country won the championship three times, the trophy can stay in the country forever.


Brazil is the only country in the world to get this honor. In 1970, the Brazilian team won the World Cup for the third time after 1958 and 1962, so it became a permanent owner of the “Remit Cup”.


At the 1962 World Cup in Chile, Brazil won the championship again/Xinhuanet

Brazil’s luck is also mixed with misfortune. Although the country has the “Reimit Cup”, it does not retain it permanently. Because it eventually lost and disappeared in this world!

In 1982, a masked thief sneaked into the office building of the Brazilian Football Association and stole the trophy. Brazil regarded it as a national shame and ordered a heavy reward, but this time it was miserable and eventually failed to find it. Police revealed that the trophy had been melted when it was discovered.


In order to make up for regret, the Brazilian Football Association later cast a copy.


Brazil is the only national information map to win the World Cup 5 times

“Hercules Cup” can be used for another 20 years

The “Goddess Cup” stays in Brazil, which means that the new World Cup needs to cast a new trophy. In 1970, FIFA solicited the new championship trophy design plan to the world. It received a total of 53 solutions from 7 countries. Finally, Italian artist Silvio Gazana’s works stood out.

The overall image of the new trophy is the two highs of the earth, so it is called the “Hercules Cup”. The lines jumped out of the base, hovering up, and then to the top of the ball. The whole trophy was cast with nearly 5 kg of 18K gold, and two -round dark green peacock was inlaid on the base.

Before the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Real Madrid legendary goalkeeper Casillas showed the Dali God Cup Picture/China News Network

The cost of “Hercules Cup” is about $ 50,000, but its valuation has reached 10 million US dollars. However, as the only “World Cup” in the world, it is meaningless to talk about the price. It is a symbol of the highest honor of world football and a priceless treasure.


After the birth of the “Hercules Cup”, the FIFA amended its original regulations. Its ownership always belonged to FIFA. The champion team had only honor. However, the winner of each champion can get a replica of the Hercules Cup as a memorial.

The German team players who won the World Cup in 2014 kissed the Divine God Cup Picture/International Online


But this does not mean that the “Hercules Cup” can be used forever. Because after each World Cup, the title of the champion team will be engraved on the trophy base, and the location reserved on the base is limited. This also means that the Hercules Cup has a life span.


According to the number of reserved positions, the Hercules Cup will be used in 1974 and will be able to use it in 2038. So far, Germany (West Germany), Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Spain and France have held it.


After another 20 years, the cup seat will be engraved with the name of the championship team.

After the 2014 World Cup finals, the German team held up the Hercules Cup to celebrate the victory map/International Online

China is a country that loves sports, and the number of Chinese medals in previous Olympic Games is evident. But football is love and hate for the Chinese people.

There are many Chinese football fans. Although the Chinese team has no chance to participate in the previous World Cup finals, this cold water has not extinguished the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for football. Data show that in the 2018 Russian World Cup audience, Chinese fans ranked ninth!

It can be imagined how enthusiasm for the Chinese people to reach the finals!

Although the Chinese team has not qualified, the enthusiasm of Chinese fans for football is still not low/Visual China

This may not be a fantasy. Because the football dream is originally the meaning of the “Chinese dream”. Chinese leaders have visited the future: Chinese football teams want to enter the World Cup, China will host the World Cup, and China will hit the world championship one day!


In March 2015, the State Council promulgated the “General Plan for China’s Football Reform and Development”, which means that the road to dream has been implemented and has begun to work hard.

I hope that the dream of China’s football power will not be too far away!

Football also needs to grab the picture/visual China from the doll

World Cup History Sagittarius Ranking

16 goals:

Cloze (Germany), total Sagittarius king;

15 balls:

Ronaldo (Brazil);

14 balls:

Gade Mueller (Germany);

13 goals:

Fang Dan (France);

12 goals:

Bailey (Brazil);

11 balls:

Ceich (Hungary), Klinsmann (Germany);

10 goals:

Latto (Poland), Laine (Germany), Leinkl (England), Kubilas (Peru), Batista (Argentina), Thomas Muller (Germany).

In 2002, the World Cup in Japan and South Korea won the championship, Ronaldo Gold Gold Cup to celebrate victory map with his teammates/Xinhuanet

Big score record in the history of the World Cup


(Note: Starting from 6 goals in a single game)


Hungary-Salvador 1982



Hungary-South Korea 1954

Yugoslav-Zair 1974


Sweden-Cuba 1938

Uruguay-Bolivia 1950


Germany-Saudi Arabia 2002


In the group stage on June 17, the first World Cup in the 2018 World Cup in Germany was actually lost to Mexico Tu/Xinhuanet


Portugal-North Korea 2010


Poland-Haiti 1974

Uruguay-Scotland 1954

Turkey-South Korea 1954


Brazil-Sweden 1950

Germany-Brazil 2014


Italy-United States 1934


Argentina-Sei Kuri 2006

Soviet-Hungary 1986

Argentina-Peru 1978

West Germany-Mexico 1978

Uruguay-Israel 1970

Hungary-India 1938

The original intention of giving football health and happiness is the picture of the sustainable development of football/Visual China

If Chinese football is really “rushing out of Asia and going to the world”, it also needs to pay more effort/visual China

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