Jin Peng and Bird’s boutique casual tricycles are coming, suitable for shopping, picking up baby, multi -use use


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After more than 2 years of blowout development, casual electric tricycles have become an important category in the old age of the old generation. Compared with the second -wheeled electric vehicle, the casual electric tricycles have the advantages of simple control, stable driving, and rich function, and the management of localities is relatively loose, and it can ride without a driver’s license. The huge market has caused many companies to rush, and at the same time, many popular products have been born, such as the two boutique casual electric tricycles of Jin Peng and birds.


Jin Peng Jinfu

Jin Peng Jinfu is currently a relatively popular casual electric tricycle model in the market. The car is characterized by exquisite shapes, large space, and flexible. In terms of appearance, the classic style of the mainstream curved horns+angel eye headlights is adopted, and the body uses the design of Xiaoping Dou. It uses integrated formation barrels, seamless welding process and high -quality sheet metal paint paint process, with outstanding texture.

The size of the whole vehicle is 2385*845*1150mm, the length of the rear carriage is 1100mm, and the front and rear double row backs are designed to the seat. A maximum of 2 adults and a child can be taken. After the seats in the rear row are closed, a small drag of 400L can be used, with a maximum load of more than 300 catties, and a “small cargo” car in seconds.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 500W/650W rear axle differential motor and supports automatic transformation. The battery is equipped with a 60V20AH battery with a load of 100 kg and the battery life is about 40-50 kilometers. The high-quality 3.0-10 explosion-proof vacuum tire was adopted before and after, and hydraulic shock absorption was equipped before and after, and the comfort was good.

Bird XN500

This car is a pure casual electric tricycle, which is small and exquisite in shape. It uses a single -row layout. By turning the front baby chair, two -seater can be achieved. One car connected to 2 baby.


Since it is the main leisure mobility market, the car emphasizes comfort. The vehicle is equipped with high elastic leather, which can slide the luxury seats in front and back. It is very practical for Baoma.

The whole vehicle control is simple. In addition to stepping on the brakes and parking handbrakes, the remaining operations are similar to the two -wheeled electric vehicles, and they are also very stable to drive. They also have anti -slopes. The 500W motor can be connected to the daily flat road, and it is still possible to buy food, but the hill climbing in the mountains is still insufficient.




The cargo half -shed in the previous issue is a functional car, and this type is a mobilized car. These two casual electric tricycles have their own characteristics. They are all more fragrant models now. They are also loved by the people. In the future The future is even more infinite. What do you think?