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Walter Disney flagship store opened in Lujiazui District, Pudong, Shanghai in May 2015. It is the world’s largest Disney store. 860 square meters are specially used for retail and about 5,000 square meters of external space. It is organized into a large square in front of the store.

Cairfler zoom RGBW light tree and clock tower have a dramatic visual effect.

Depending on the specific needs of different areas and lighting projects, the use of outdoor lamps to illuminate the front and large squares of the store.

In order to illuminate the front of the retail store, a Cairpler framework with a narrow light spot and non -slip glass was selected, while the canopy roof adopts a pan -optic system. Cairfler’s framework ensures that with extremely low power, high performance and very clean beams.

景观照明设计 | 华特迪士尼旗舰店

In order to enhance the landscape characteristics of the large external square LED belt, the IP68 LED strip is used. They disguised them at the bottom of the hedge and under the handrail, outline the characteristics of the square, and let people focus on the hedge in the middle of the shape of the rice mouse.

景观照明设计 | 华特迪士尼旗舰店

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Landscape Lighting

景观照明设计 | 华特迪士尼旗舰店

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景观照明设计 | 华特迪士尼旗舰店


Lighting design: First Circle Design LLC-MATT Levesque

景观照明设计 | 华特迪士尼旗舰店

Photographer: Tim Franco

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景观照明设计 | 华特迪士尼旗舰店

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