Huang Lingsu appeared at the airport, with a large size sweater with a super short denim skirt. The 34 -year -old dress is more tide than young people


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The reflection of the fashionable shape is inseparable from picking clothing. Now that summer is coming, for many girls who like to pursue fashion, summer clothing is the easiest season to match the characteristic season. Fashionable and diverse trendy clothing is like being born for this season. However, there are two guidelines that need to pay attention to in the summer shape. Except for the old -fashioned selection of clothing styles, the remaining thing is the color of the clothing.

Under the hot temperature, the refreshing color is more likely to make you look fashionable.

Huang Ling, who is already 34 years old, is not convinced at all. In the selection of clothing, she is particularly tasteful. Even her face appeared at the airport, and her fashionable head made her look particularly uniform. In particular, she also adopted the costumes with the current popular elements to mix and match, prompting the whole person to look very fashionable, more tide than some young people now! Such a sample summer shape is particularly worthy of the reference of girls.

One: Analysis of Huangling Summer Fashionable Style

1: Select clothing with current popular elements for matching

If you use some ordinary and basic clothing to create a fashionable shape, it is not very good, and the fashionable shape cannot be separated from the help of personalized clothing. At this time, clothing with current popular elements can be used to match.

Sweater style analysis:

Huang Ling has a lot of highlights in the shape, but the most bright place is the sweater on her. This sweater is not like some basic sweaters that fit the body.

First of all, its version is very large, which is an oversize version, but now many girls like to wear such large and fashionable clothing, because such clothing is wearing a slim body on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is very tide.

Although Huang Ling’s figure was relatively slender, such a loose sweater was still supported by her. In addition to the beautiful version of this sweater, this style is also interesting in style design. Isn’t the current fashion industry popular? Clothing with printed elements has always been easy to show cool.


The printing elements used on this sweater are also very diversified, letters, graffiti printed, and large Cafi cat cartoon printing, which make this sweater very personalized. It’s!

2: Use the packet with the same design sense to make the shape more fashionable

In addition to the design of Huang Ling’s shape, Huang Ling’s shape also uses the design of the designer in the selection of the bottom. Her lower body is a denim skirt that has been cut asymmetrically. This skirt is more fitted on the body, which is different from the wide feeling of the upper body sweater.

In this way, the “combination of tight pine” will also make the shape more fashionable. And she also tied a orange jacket to her waist, which also made the shape more layered.

3: The combination of clothing color is very eye -catching

One of the reasons for Huang Ling’s summer shape to create such a success is that the color of the clothing is well matched. If you are still wearing a dark -tone clothing in summer, it will only make the shape slightly old -fashioned and lack the sense of vitality. Huang Ling’s shape uses white, gray -black, and orange. Among these three colors, the light tone is the largest.

Even if the skirt of the lower body is gray -black, because the dark area is not very obvious in the shape, the overall shape looks particularly refreshing, very summer.

Two: Knowledge points for shaping summer shapes

1: The brightness of clothing color needs to be grasped well

It also mentioned above how important the color shaping of clothing in summer, although it is also mentioned not to choose dark items. But some girls are easy to turn over when they choose bright colors and light -colored items. Why?

Most of them are because of the distribution of the brightness of clothing, the proportion of light -colored items in the shape is best as the proportion of light -colored items.

Either the proportion of light -colored items is greater than the proportion of bright color items. If the area of ​​bright color clothing is too large in the shape, it will only make the shape of the shape be attracted by the bright color items.


2: Appropriate design sense clothing is more worth choosing than exaggerated design sense clothing

Although it is mentioned above, to create a stylish summer shape, you need to choose a design with a design sense for the shape. For example, the costumes that are exaggerated and have also adopted a multi -layer stitching design,


In terms of design, it is slightly overwhelming, and it is not suitable for ordinary girls to wear.

On the contrary, some clothing with printed and slightly cutting feel is more suitable for wearing.



For girls who want to improve the fashionable shape in summer, they can learn like Huang Ling.


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