This autumn and winter, learn these “leggings” to wear, let you say goodbye to rustic, wear good temperament


How to maintain a balance between beauty and warmth in autumn and winter? The key to solving the problem lies in a pair of leggings. Plel of thickened leggings is very warm, but at the same time, it is not bloated, which can ensure the sense of fashion of the overall shape.


But leggings are not universal,

Many women will step on the minefield when trying to wear the leggings in the autumn and winter seasons, so that their wear is particularly rustic.


It lost personal fashion temperament. This is not just caused by leggings. It may also be because your leggings wear from the source.

In today’s article, we will carefully introduce several novel leggings to you, so that you can easily get rid of autumn and winter rustic shapes.

1. Comparison

1. Loose comparison

As we all know, a major characteristic of leggings is that it will wrap the leg lines tightly, which is why it is not bloated on the legs. Choosing more loose clothing on the upper body will be more set off to the existence of tight bottom pants, which is also indirectly indirectly indirectly Ensure the slender visual effects of the legs.



It is the simplest loose item in the autumn and winter season. The wide version of the coat and tight -fitting wide -leg pants will not produce laziness. It can enhance the spiritual spirit of the wearer and set off an elegant temperament.



It is also one of the most casual forms of formal products in recent years. You can choose thick woolen fabric suit in autumn and winter. After choosing a wide item in the upper body Unlike traditional forms of formation, it can also show a sloppy posture in the winter season.


down jacket

You can also choose a pair of leggings to match it in the wear. Even if you choose a down jacket, it is difficult to show the lines of the origin of the ingredients. We still need to maximize the lines of the ankle. Women and slightly fat bodies can also play when choosing loose and fat down jackets, showing a high and thin role.

2. Color contrast

The leggings in the stereotype may only have the color of black, but with the continuous evolution of socks in recent years and the increasingly improved personalized aesthetics, the colors of leggings are more diverse. Show.

① Shallow and deep

This color comparison method is based on those women who do not want to match the ALL BLACK. When choosing a dark leggings on the legs, you can boldly choose the light -colored upper body clothes. Under the contrast of color, the upper body, the upper body The expansion of the lower body and the tightening of the lower body can avoid the overall bloated.

② Shallow up and down

Light -colored clothing can be worn not only on the upper body, but also on socks.


Very fashionable black pantyhose wearing method is based on this dark color matching

On the basis of the disappearance of the lower shirt, the black leggings are covered with white mid -stockings, which has a sense of expansion at the ankle, which can make the legs look more straight, so this method of wear Women with not straight lines are very friendly.

◆ Tips for the color selection of leggings:

In addition to black, the colors like tea gray and brown -gray can be printed and dyed on the leggings. While the color of the clothing is low -key, it can also add a little fashion.

There are also many light -colored leggings, especially like the recently popular light leg artifacts also belong to one of them, but it should be noted that the light leg artifact cannot be fully re -enjoined of the skin feel of the legs. It will be unnatural,

You can choose a small area of ​​exposure, which will be more harmonious.

When choosing leggings,

Be sure to ensure that the style is simple enough


, Like a complicated pattern, or the fluorescent styles of colorful colors, we do not recommend it in daily states. The tedious styles will not only increase the swelling of the leg, but also Very difficult.

Second, layer stacking method

1. Boot stacking


Belo pants are a very good stack of boots. Compared with the basicization of short boots and leggings, boots and leggings will have more fashionable collisions.


Knee boots

: It is very suitable for matching with light leg artifacts. In the case of high wrapping of leg boots, the exposure of light skin tone will reduce this sense of depression, and wearing it in autumn and winter will be lighter.

Knight boots


: Knight boots are very suitable for matching leggings with strong parcels. Compared with light leg artifacts, it is recommended that everyone choose a dark -colored style, so that it will not produce embarrassing light -colored folds on the knee.

2. Pants stacking


Smoke pipe pants:

The legs of the cigarette pants are generally short, which can obviously expose the curve of the ankle. When choosing different colors of cigarette pants and leggings, it is especially recommended for everyone to wear a sandwich. The cigarette pants and shoes are sandwiched with darker leggings in the middle. The dark leggings in the two light -colored items will have a thinner visual impact. Essence




: The leisure sense of jeans and black leggings can also be mixed and matched perfectly, and paired with a pair of black nude boots of the same color system to extend the ankle and the lines of the feet. Leisure elegance.

Third, extending how to wear

Light color extension

: If you choose a very natural and skinny light leg artifact, then you can try the light -colored extension method, because the light leg artifact is likely to make the legs wide horizontally, so try to try to try to as well as much as possible. To ensure the extension of the legs and feet, the legs can be more thinner. Choosing light -colored nude boots or loafers are very good shoe choices.

Dark color extension

: Dark -colored eyes are the easiest way to extend wearing. Choose black pantyhose and black shoes to achieve the maximum role of this extension. Black has a thin effect. Boots or small leather shoes can make the legs infinitely extended, which is very suitable for women with a slightly fat body.

◆ Pay attention to the extension method:

When choosing the color of the leggings, the choice of shoes is particularly important.

It is also recommended to choose shoes with simple styles here

, Too many rivets, tassels and other accessories can easily break this sense of extension, which is not suitable.

When an extension

, Must be fine and not too much


, Do not blindly extend for extension. When choosing the upper body clothes, you can choose clothing items with the same dark color but have a certain degree of color differences, so that it will not be too dull.


Bottom pants must be a single product in autumn and winter. As a basis, it can also have more fashionable changes in the wear method. I hope everyone can use these novel ways to wear to make it up to make up for composition The most beautiful shape in autumn and winter.