Playing the bracelet ~ Crystal


Crystal is an ancient gem, which is generally purple, yellow, colorless, tea, green, pink, etc. It is called a parcel crystal when it contains other minerals. Natural crystals are mostly hidden under the ground or cave with abundant groundwater resources. The pressure here is 2-3 times the pressure of atmospheric pressure, and the temperature is 550 ° C -600 ° C. In such an environment, after the growth of more than millions of years, some minerals will cry into the six -square -shaped crystal in accordance with the natural rules of the “six -square crystal system”. There are many crystal grains but not chaotic, and all crystal tips are pointing to the center of the cave and growing regularly.

▲ Value

Crystal is natural, and the collection value of natural crystals depends on its diameter, permeability and yield. The larger the crystal of the diameter, the higher the price of the crystal; the less floccope in the crystal, the more expensive the transparency. Several kinds of crystals on the market, such as white crystals, tea crystals, obsidian, pink crystals and other large outputs and low prices, and more precious crystals such as white hair crystals and green ghosts are higher. The crystal that cannot be found is very collectible, but not everyone can encounter it.

▲ Identification

The surface of the crystal is crystal clear, very fashionable, and rich in meaning. Its market situation is good. In this case, counterfeit crystals will appear. The method of distinguishing natural crystals and artificial crystals is mainly to see,

Two touches

, Three strokes.

At first glance: The surface of the natural crystal is moisturizing, with a thin oil color, and the surface of the artificial crystal reflects glass luster, looks dry and white. Naturally formed crystals, uneven color, color differences occur at different places and time, and can also see impurities or silk structures; while artificial crystals or glass products have the same color and no impurities.

: The coolness of natural crystals is obvious, and the feeling of touching is cool, accompanied by greasy feeling; artificial crystals do not have greasy feeling.

Three strokes: The hardness of natural crystals is higher than the artificial crystal and glass. The two are intertwined. Natural crystals will not leave traces.


▲ Maintenance


The crystal should be worn alone, and the inadvertent collision between the jewelry will cause scratches to it. Avoid contact with chemicals, wipe with soft cloth during cleaning.

▲ The meaning and effect

In addition to the function of the crystal, the crystal also has a powerful magnetic field, which can regulate the body and mind, and wear it in different body parts, which will produce different effects. The magnetic field of the crystal is generally left and right, and the human body corresponds to the left hand. Therefore, wearing the crystal on the left hand can make the right brain feel the magnetic field energy faster and further develop the right brain potential.

According to my years of experience, the crystal bracelets that players are interested in the market are the following ten.

1. Fulu Shou

Crystal Fulushou is combined from different colors of crystals. The arrangement of the bracelets is generally shallow, deep, shallow, and depth. Many people prefer Fulu Shou bracelets, so this bracelet is not limited to crystal products, agate, olive cores, etc. can be carved into Fulu life, blessing is Fuxing and Nafu; Lu is a fortune; The meaning of longevity. Fulushou’s bracelets are suitable for wearing people with older people and leisurely. They have strong affinity after playing, and they have a good meaning.


Fulu Shou Crystal Plate


2. Yellow crystal

Yellow Crystal is commonly known as the stone of wealth, also known as wealth crystal, which is rare with orange. Because in the universe, people often associate yellow light and green light with wealth, and yellow crystals reflected in the natural world are yellow light, so the yellow crystal is a crystal that has the meaning of wealth. In terms of regulating the body, the main temple of the yellow crystal has a regulating effect on gastrointestinal digestive system.

3. Hair crystal


The best in the hair crystal is blonde crystal, which is the king of hair crystal. It is a symbol of status and power for decision makers. The blonde crystal focuses on the energy around it.


4. Red hair

Red hair crystals, also known as Venus crystals, are tangled with filaments inside, and the better the hair, the better the quality. Wearing red hair crystals can make people emit a person’s temperament. People generally believe that red can keep people youthful vitality, increase positive energy, and can also dispel evil spirits. In addition, red hair crystals also have a health care effect on improving qi and blood.

5. Ame

The amethyst is also known as the spiritual crystal, which is the guardian stone of love. It represents a strong love and can promote the harmony of interpersonal relationships. The magnetic field of the amethyst is similar to that of the brain waves. Long -term wearing has a calm and serene effect. At the same time, it can also develop wisdom and improve intuition, making people more calm and calm.

6. Pink crystal

Pink crystal/hibiscus crystal, also known as love crystal. Pink crystal has pink light, warm and soft, wearing powder crystals to make people feel that this person is approachable, helping to improve interpersonal relationships; it is a must -have for gaining popularity and bringing good marriage. At the same time, TCM believes that pink care and lung function can help the health of circulation and respiratory organs.


7. citrine

Tea crystal, also known as smoke crystal or black crystal, has the function of improving the immunity of the human body, can promote the activity of human cells and slow down aging. At the same time, the stable magnetic field of tea crystals helps to balance emotions, enhance reactiveness, and strengthen judgment.

8. White crystal

The magnetic field of white crystal is continuous and stable. It is often wearing white crystals, which can enhance people’s inspiration, make people clear, and eliminate negative emotions such as tension and anxiety.

9. Green ghost

Green ghost, the treasure in the crystal, also known as the green phantom crystal, is a very popular crystal in the market. The material in the green ghost is the volcanic puree contained in the process of the crystal, and other minerals. These minerals appear in the white crystal of the pitch, water plants, vortex, pyramids and other phantoms. The green is called the green ghost. According to the different colors of volcanic mud, there are also red ghosts, white ghosts, purple ghosts, and gray ghosts.

Green Ghost is called the lucky stone of the birthday in May. In the collection world, the green ghost containing pyramid phantom is the highest value. The so -called pyramid is the layers of the inner content in the green ghost, and each layer presents the shape of the pyramid. The pyramid is divided into thousands of mountains, multi -streams and Jubaishan. Because it is very rare, the value of green ghosts in the pyramid is very high. There is also a green ghost of the cornucopia, that is, the inner content is centered or mud -shaped, and half of the crystal. This half -full state is like a pot with water, which is called a cornucopia. The value of the cornucopia is second only to the pyramid. Other types of green ghosts are mixed. The value of mixed class is not as good as pyramids and cornucopia. In recent years, the green ghost bracelet has received widespread attention from people. Before 2000, the cornucopia was only a series of tens of yuan, but in the past a year or two, the cornucopia cost tens of thousands of yuan, so the appreciation space of the green ghost was very large. When wearing a green ghost for a long time, the internal minerals will change, and you should try to avoid bumps as much as possible when wearing.


▲ The meaning


Green ghost is rich in energy. Wearing green ghost bracelets can stimulate people’s inner potential, strengthen heart function, and stabilize emotions. In addition, the green ghost also has the power of highly consolidating wealth, which is positive wealth, and represents the wealth accumulated due to hard work.

10. obsidian

Obsidian is a common black gem and is widely used in the production of Buddha beads, Buddha statues and mascots. In traditional Chinese culture, obsidian has the role of wicked evil, blessing and town houses, and is often used to make decorations. Most of the world’s obsidian is produced from North America and Mexico. It is a national stone in Mexico, also known as Longjing or Shisheng Stone. In the crystal series, obsidian is a gem with non -pure crystals.

Obsidian is divided into moon -eye obsidian and Wujin obsidian. Moon eye obsidian is divided into full moon eyes, crescent eyes and rainbow eyes. Full moon eyes are second only to the rainbow eye obsidian. Ubin obsidian belongs to the gem level. Its texture is delicate, and the color is the same as the crow’s bloodstone, which is bright black.

▲ The meaning and value

Obsidian has powerful and pure energy, and people think it has a powerful function of wagging evil spirits. Whether in the East or the West, it is the preferred treasure of evil spirits, which can drive bad luck and prevent villains.

▲ Value

Two touches