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86 comprehensive score

Compressor A ++

Frequency control A ++


Heating and cooling A ++

Install after -sales A+

Energy Efficiency A ++

With the strong performance of the central and high -end home central air -conditioning, Toshiba, which has been dim in the Chinese air conditioning market for a long time, finally returns to consumers’ sight, Toshiba has been withdrawn in the Chinese split air conditioning market for nearly 10 years, and the white power business has also been acquired by the United States. However, it is still actively participating in the central air -conditioning market competition. In recent years, it has mainly sought to break through the central and high -end home central air -conditioning market. At present, it has ranked among the top three Japanese brands.

Due to the rise of local brands, in recent years, the progress of Japanese brands in the market in China is not smooth, but Toshiba is not an waiting for the technical reserves and product quality of the home central air -conditioning.

Inverter originator

In the “Toshiba Future Science Museum” in Japan, the world’s first household inverter air conditioner is displayed. As a pioneer in the frequency frequency era, Toshiba’s home central air conditioner has exerted its technical advantages in the field of frequency conversion. Class variable frequency vector control technology, combined with the electronic expansion valve with an openness of 1000 pulse to achieve the fine temperature adjustment effect of ± 0.5 ° C, and the frequency conversion configuration of indoor and outdoor fan is not absent. Under the blessing of the smooth frequency curve, the internal machine is sent The wind is soft and natural, and the running is quiet and silent.

High -efficiency dual rotor compressor

In 1988, Toshiba created the world’s first dual -rotor compressor, which greatly improved the performance and stability of the compressor. At the moment of major manufacturers, Toshiba is still on its home central air -conditioning product. The whole system is equipped with a double rotor compressor. This is not because Toshiba’s “ancient board is old -fashioned”, nor is it “cutting corners”, but Toshiba’s decades of adhering to the characteristics of dual -rotor, and deeply squeezing the maximum potential of dual -rotor compressors.

The biggest advantage of the vortex compressor is the most efficient efficiency when the full load is running, but Toshiba believes that in the daily home environment, there is rarely a full load operation, not to mention the generally implemented design, the load is 30%-70% It is relatively common. Within this range, the dual -rotor compressor instead shows higher efficiency and better energy -saving effects.


Toshiba’s dual -rotor compressor is well -known in the industry with ultra -high energy effects. Since 1993, it has won the Japan Energy Conservation Award for more than 20 consecutive years. Toshiba uses a clever mechanical structure to withdraw one of the cavity as needed, and the power consumption power is reduced by half. The fuel injection is not as good as 1/40 of the vortex compressor. The minimum power of the Toshiba compressor is only 45W. In excellence, the MINI SMMS of Toshiba’s central air -conditioning MINI SMMS has risen to 7.35, which is more than twice that of the first -level energy efficiency (3.6) of the national standard.

Focus on high -end MINI SMMS series

The MINI SMMS series is the main model of Toshiba in the home central air -conditioning market. It is equipped with Toshiba’s proud low -frequency dual rotor compressor, and the leading full -DC frequency conversion technology of “Inverter the originator”. Whether it is energy efficiency and stability Sexual or noise performance is a first -class level in the industry.

The MINI SMMS series hosting range is 3-8 horsepower, which meets the needs of consumers of different apartment types. It is divided into two categories: domestic assembly of imported components and the original imports of Japanese imports. The performance parameters of the two are consistent. MAP is about 20%more expensive than MHP. Consumers can make choices in accordance with their own situation.


In addition, the MINI SMMS series is also rich in internal machines, but most of them are hidden ceiling, mainly based on practical design. It is divided into three categories: domestic, Thailand and Japan. The price is slightly different. In general, Toshiba’s home central air-conditioning pricing is still relatively affordable. Pure Japanese imported parts are selected. One drag of five is about 50-70,000 yuan. The specific price needs to be determined according to the unit type.

Offline service coverage is still to be improved

Toshiba’s home central air -conditioning business has actively connected the field of high -end real estate hardcover fields in recent years and achieved good market performance. Although personal business also takes into account the number of offline stores, it seems a bit uncomfortable. Whether the city has a dealer covered point for consideration.

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Focus on high -end MINI SMMS series