For jackets this winter, please give priority to “hairy collar models” and put on your tide and beautiful


Do you know what the hottest clothes this winter is? It is not a coat or a jacket, but a “hair collar jacket” with fluffy wool collar as modified.

Wool collar jacket

It can be divided into many items, such as

Wool collar coat

As well as


Wool -collar leather jacket

Wool collar denim suit

毛 down jacket

and many more.


Everything can be added with hair collar

“, Use this sentence to describe it too well!

Don’t look down on the role of the hair collar, the fluffy hair collar can help you

The tightness of the neck circumference

, So as to make itself


The coefficient is multiplied.


The winter coat of the hair collar as embellishment is still very good.


Short -haired collar jacket


Mao woolen pants and Martin boots

In this way to ensure you


What I want to share with you today is

What coats can the hair collar combine with

After the combination

What kind of matching effect will be produced

Woolen cloth? Don’t worry, let’s look at it slowly ~


Single product one: coat plus hair collar

The coat is the most favorite clothing in winter, it

Tailoring and decent

, Comes with the upper body

Elegant and fashionable

Due to the addition of the hair collar, it has greatly improved the coat

Keep warm

Performance, thereby creating a kind of


Visual sense.


Whether it is

Long coat


Short coat

, Can follow

Fur collar

Perfect fusion.



Mao Nagai long coat

Upper body

Lazy and style

And if you want to wear it at the same time


Sigh and thin

The effect can be increased


As a decoration, the role of the proportion of body shape has also further enhanced the overall momentum.

Single product two: leather clothes plus hair collar

In winter, the appearance rate of leather clothes is also very high.

Leather coat belongs to

Hard fabric

, Has a good



Effect. In addition, putting on leather clothes will make people consciously straight up their bodies and look very

Handsome and stylish


Add a hairy collar to the capable leather jacket,


At the same time

The temperature is further improved

There are two major advantages, one is


two is

Small face

Let’s talk about it first, because

The leather version is very stiff

Even if the coat embellishment is added, this handsomeness is not reduced.

Against the lining of fluffy hair collar, no matter what

Round face

big face

It will be petite, I really like this!

Single product three: denim jacket plus hair collar

Strictly speaking,

Hairy collar denim jacket

It was not popular this year. Many years ago, this design was very popular.

Even if it is not popular in the season, fashionable people can still pass

Different match

Interpret a new fashion atmosphere.

Denim jacket belongs to


After adding the hair collar as the decoration, the overall leisure meaning will be more prominent.


It is also very


Combined with pants and hard -to -free, combined with skirts with tenderness and elegance

Pay attention to the length of the denim jacket here. In principle


The shorter the body, the easier it is to show long legs

If you don’t believe you, you can try it ~

Although the long denim jacket is not as good as the short upper body, its advantage is that it is warmer.


Thick hair collar


Long denim jacket

Combined, while keeping warm, it does not affect the overall demeanor. The most powerful thing is quite quite

High -level sense

What about ~ ~

Single product four: down jacket plus hair collar

Down jackets are the essential items for winter. With the improvement of public aesthetics and requirements, designer’s design ideas are becoming more and more extensive.


Big hair collar

down jacket

Combine, put on your body even more


It’s right.

More than ordinary down jackets


The style is even more


It’s popular now

Parker down jacket

, It can not only

Cold resistance

And there are still

Cover the meat and thin

The role.

Cool collar Parker down jacket

Keep it


, And also increased on the original basis



, The upper body is cool and warm, it can be described as two things!


It is said that

The effect of the upper body is not as bloated as wearing ordinary down jackets, then I have to try it!

Choose a black fur collar down jacket.


The length that can be worn with peace of mind can just cover the bottom shirt inward.


The design is very warm, and the waist is on the waist

Pumping rope

The design is very thin.

Compared to conventional down jackets,

Mao -collar down jackets are more fashionable

If you are afraid of cold, you can tie the neckline firmly, so that the fluffy hair collar is close to the skin, and it feels good



If it is open, there is a kind of

Cool feeling

And there is no sense of dullness.

Well, this is the case of the matching of hair collar and different styles of jackets. I hope to inspire and help you when choosing clothes.

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As well as

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As well as

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As well as

Wool -collar leather jacket

毛 down jacket

毛 down jacket

Fur collar


Hairy collar denim jacket