How to choose a computer desktop speaker? Share with you my actual purchase and use experience


Open the door to see the mountain:


The computer speakers at home are not easy to use. I plan to take advantage of the Double Eleven to change new, the demand is as follows:

(1) Playing sound quality is better, frequent horn, preferably big brand, quality and after -sales guarantee.

(2) Regular appearance, a subject is good (do not divide the speaker, that is, one on the left and right, there is no place to put it).

(3) It must have Bluetooth function. Usually use Bluetooth connection. There is only one power cord behind the line behind it.


(4) The budget is about 300RMB, and the maximum cannot exceed 400.

According to the needs, let’s talk about buying ideas.

First, why is the request? Generally, there is only one speaker (full -frequency) of ordinary desktop small speakers. The so -called full -frequency is that the bass in the treble is relying on this speaker. The benefits must be there, because it is the source of the point, so the phase is accurate. However, because the design must meet the needs of different frequency bands, the design and final performance of each band will be restrained, especially the tweeter and bass, and the performance will inevitably be affected. Therefore, generally small speakers are configured with passive radiator to improve the performance of the bass. For example, Xiaomi:


The frequency speakers are commonly used to use the bass speaker+mid -tone speaker design scheme, so that each band is spoken by an independent unit, so each unit can work in the best state. But are there any disadvantages? Also. Because it is a variety of horn, it is easy to exist between each unit and the difference between phase difference. This is why I consider buying a big brand, because of the strong professional manufacturers, his research and development/test/processing links are even more even more. With strength, it is easier to make products with good comprehensive performance. Of course, we can’t say that the frequency horn speaker must be better than the full -frequency speaker speaker. After all, our discussion range is only within the scope of 400 budgets, and we can only find relatively satisfactory products.

The second is that it is a bit required for the appearance. Fang formal rectification is the best, and it is also convenient to place. My previous speaker was the one on the left and right on the one side:

Find the picture online to signal:

It takes place, and the back is also messy. So this time tended to buy an integrated, connecting the computer with Bluetooth, there is a power cord behind it, watching the clean and refreshing refreshing.

So I first watched these two:


Edible M260

The Walkman M260 is good in appearance, wooden box, frequent three speakers (2 middle treble +1 bass):

There are Bluetooth, built -in lithium battery (easy to move). The shortcomings are the power of the tweeter, only 4W, and the bass 12W. Many people say that listening to the music “bombard”, in fact, the bass processing is not good and uncomfortable, because his speaker does not support bass adjustment.

Landscape P300

The shape of the landscape P300 is also good, the dual -frequency speaker+dual subwoofer film design (in fact, it is not for the bass speaker):


Wooden boxes, Bluetooth, pretty good. The two speakers are full -frequency, 15w power:


The specification parameters are not too stunning. It is quite satisfactory. In fact, I look the shape most. My desktop is small. You can put the display on it to save space on it, similar to this:


Both products are not very satisfied, and they only plan to buy who is more discounting for Double Eleven. After all, this price is not too high to play quality. However, in the last few days in October, the new product of the stroll was born. At that time, it was quite low -key, and there were not many people who knew it.

Wooden boxes and Bluetooth connections, these basic ones are not said. Say some part of my satisfaction:

Hightin+medium bass two -way frequency four speakers:


Satisfy my idea of ​​dividing the horn, and the power is relatively full: (The power is really a toy below 5W …)


The use of left and right independent sound cavity design is still very helpful for reducing phase interference in the left and right channels: (almost all of the frequency speakers cannot bypass phase interference issues)

In addition, I am too satisfied with the adjustment of audio gain adjustment. Because everyone’s hearing feelings are different, if you can adjust the size of the treble/bass by yourself, you can make the speakers serve their own ears instead of their own ears to cooperate with the speaker:


Overall satisfied, so I started to pay attention to the price. During the Double Eleven period, the discount was good. Combined with bank discounts and Jingdou, I finally started at 300. This price also meets my requirements:

Maybe there are more orders, I waited for 5 days before shipping. I hope the stars and the moon are finally looking forward to it. This packaging is so perfunctory, do I have to talk about it:

Fortunately, there are no big bumps in the box, otherwise it will be bad:

The side is still stunned:

Open the packaging, speakers, manuals, audio cables, remote control, clear at a glance:


The appearance of the top:


From another angle:

Good workmanship and very texture:


Come to the top knobs, and the treble bass can adjust the gain separately. The right -hand knob can adjust the volume size, and the sound source can be switched:

Different materials are tightly sewn, and the surface of imitation leather looks more textured, and feels good when it feels:

The appearance of the back:


The back layout is simple, the key and the audio input output interface. It can be seen that this is a traditional speaker that focuses on sound quality performance. There are no popular functions such as USB interfaces, memory card interfaces, and built -in lithium batteries.


This is more in line with my needs. I usually do n’t move it, so I do n’t need a built -in battery, and it supports Bluetooth connection, which is enough.


The bottom design is very simple, there are four stepping:

This is a remote control that can achieve some convenient operations:

This is an attached audio wiring:


After the speaker is turned on, there will be a small indicator light in the upper right corner of the front to show the sound source mode and working status of the speaker:

After the opening of the out of the box, let’s test it below.


I chose three test tracks (both in non -destructive audio formats), which is He Xuntian’s “Dust Drum”, Lin Zhixuan’s “Opera” and the Wild Children’s Band “Yellow Ralia”. Let’s say one by one.

“Dust Drum” is selected from He Xunian’s “Polko” special collection. You can test the depth of the low frequency of the speaker. Good speakers can feel the independent and clear display of multiple percussion instruments, and the feeling of harmonious cooperation with each other.


The audition experience: I heard that the bass was a little thin at first, and the bass increased the bass. It felt a lot better. The bass display was better, and different percussion instruments could be clearly distinguished. This is quite powerful. Different percussion sounds are chaotic.



“Opera” is selected from Lin Zhixuan’s version of the “I am a singer” program. Compared with the original sing VITAS, the high -frequency part of Lin Zhixuan’s version is not so high, but the sound sounds full and more prominent. Can be used to test the high -frequency display of speakers.

(If you want to listen to the original VITAS version, you can search online “Dedication and Love”)


Try to the audition: The high sound performance is okay, but it is not outstanding. I think it is quite satisfactory. Even if I adjust the treble gain to the maximum, the voice I heard is indeed clear, but the texture is still a bit different from expected. The “sense of presence” I expected was not reflected.

“Yellow Rallet” is selected from the wild child band music album “The Yellow Rumor”. The song I chose is the accompaniment Live version, the hand drum hit the music+male chorus. You can listen to the performance of percussion bass and the recognition of different male voice.


Try to audition: great. The sound of hitting music is very complete, and the male voice of different tones can be clearly distinguished, and it has a little “scene feeling”. I am very satisfied with this effect, after all, only 300 yuan speakers.



in conclusion:


(1) I already have small love classmates and 360AI speakers. This time, the stroll D12, the sound quality performance is obviously better than those two smart speakers.

(2) It is convenient to support Bluetooth connection.

(3) Adjustable audio gain, so that speakers fits their hearing feelings more.


This speaker does not have so many technological functions, but it is very good to listen to songs and watch movies. I took a look at the current price. The original price was about 400, and the activity could be more than 300. The positioning of this speaker in my heart was 350. If I could drop to this price, I think it is cost -effective.

If you don’t want to spend too much money and want to get a relatively good playback quality, I personally think that this speaker is one of the few good choices.

The above is this sharing. Thank you for reading. Welcome to follow me.

: 🙂