Regardless of the coat or down, a short woman buys less long models, these shorts are more versatile and fashionable


As soon as it is in winter, it seems that wearing a variety of constraints, the scope of selection is limited. If you want to present more fashion styles, you need to consider whether the temperature is allowed. Many girls always wear long down jackets or long coats. These items do look very aura, but for girls with short girls, it is really unreasonable and easy to press.


You can try to match a short jacket, like a lamb hairy jacket, or a short woolen coat. These coats have a common thing, that is, the matching looks more neat, but there is no bloated feeling, making the figure taller and more stable. temperament.


1. Which short coats can be paired in winter?


• Short -haired woolen jacket

Some popular long hair coats are fashion items sought after by many people, but this item is limited in the matching. The models are mainly.


The matching will become easier, and the styles shaped will look more fashionable, and the matching will not look very embarrassing, but in a state of sharp state to show the most temperamental side.

• Short mink wool jacket

In winter, the fabrics are very thick. It is not difficult to shape the quality of quality, because there are many heavy fabrics, the texture is very good, like mink fabrics, this fabric has a strong sense of sight.

It can make the match look more luxurious and create a delicate fashion style. With a short mink coat, the style will appear more advanced and grade.

For the choice of color, it is recommended that you mainly focus on the basic color. Do not choose the color that is too old, otherwise it will make the image look old. You can try to match with a white mink coat, and you can create a fashion style. The warmth effect is also a must.

• Short lamb hair coat

The more popular jackets in autumn and winter are more than lamb hairy jackets. Lamb hair jackets have also become the daily match for many girls. Short lamb hair coats will not look too bloated. It can still show a sharp state.


Lamb hair jacket can shape a variety of styles, such as casual style, or sports style. It can be paired with a peaked cap, combined with short lamb hairy coats to present a more stylish and vibrant style. This combination will also be more obvious. Slender, it will not make the volume feel too obvious.

2. Two combinations of short jackets


(1) Short down jacket+black sweater+skirt

If you prefer down jackets, you can try to match short down jackets. Short down jackets are more obvious than long down jackets. With a black sweater, you can also make you young. It looks more feminine and makes temperament very elegant.


• Short lamb hair jacket+white bottoming shirt+jeans


The daily wear style should be based on a comfortable matching state. For example, short lamb hair jackets are used to match a white bottoming shirt. This kind of matching method is more common. Style, wearing a sense of unrestrained, will also make the image look more decent.

It is recommended that you wear more short jackets in winter to easily get rid of bloated feelings. It is high and recognizable. These short jackets can choose to try and match. I believe you can discover more new fashion styles.

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