In the early winter “coat+short boots”, it is worth learning from, the fashion is doubled, there are styles and temperature


Entering the autumn and winter seasons is the season when wearing a trench coat and coat. And in winter, the coat has a good warmth effect and can be better concave.

During the communication between autumn and winter, the temperature is constantly declining, and the warmth of clothes is very good. It fully exerts its own advantages, and whether it is tall and thin, you can choose a coat for matching.

Choose the style that conforms to you, and learn the match between coats and boots. Between your hands and feet, it represents a kind of sharpness and elegance.


The perfect combination between short boots and coats will not bring a sense of heavyness. The length of the short boots has a certain outline, the shrinking long coat has the same temperature and a high -level fashion sense, which looks very delicate.

When matching a long coat, it is a thick type of coat, so the matching of the shoes is as simple as possible. Try to choose a single product with warmth and reference in autumn and winter. The first choice for wearing a coat must be camel.

It can enhance the overall shape a high level. When matching, white pants are the best choice. There is a contrast between the two colors, with nude boots, it has a different feeling. The overall style is more capable and temperamental.

When pairing with camel coats, the same color system between small black pants and shoes looks more pleasing to the eye. When choosing shoes, the color matching design is also more popular in the past two years, but it cannot be exaggerated.


The stitching between black and beige can echo the coat and shoes of the upper body. The red high -heeled boots present a modern retro, with a camel coat to create the fashion of autumn and winter.


The best partner of camel coat is small black pants. Little black pants are versatile and fashionable, and have a good outline effect on the figure. With a pair of black boots, there is a delayed force, and it is matched with simple colors with a stylish shape.

In fact, the matching of coats or windbreakers is relatively simple. A small black pants and nude boots in the lower body can create a clean sense.


It is not recommended that women choose too complex design boots when wearing long coats. This simple combination is more dignified and elegant.


In addition to the classic camel, you can also choose a black coat of black. It will never be outdated in this season, and you can wear a high -end coat for several years.

Black and white and gray are the most classic, and can also create a temperament of mature women. When choosing a boot, whether it is black or brown, it can be well integrated with the black coat to create a sharp and capable shape, and the degree of fashion is doubled.


For the choice of short boots, Fangtou is more retro, with black long coats, there is a French style, elegant and attractive.


The pointed -style boots have a visually extended effect. The upper body is paired with a gray coat and black pants, which simply uses three colors of black and white gray.

For women who have a certain advantage in height, if you want to create an elegant and fashionable sense of fashion, you can use your coat with pants covering your feet.

Choose naked boots to extend the line, with long legs, and can create the temperament and femininity of mature women.

In daily matching, red and winter season also needs to be made good use of red, because there is a classic match between red and black boots, and the coats selected by the upper body are also basic and brown. Young vitality.