Is the small appliance evaluation, is it really easy to be selected for the Morandi -colored electric baking sheet?


At night, people began to be eager to be beautiful and relaxed.


From the small buns to the special barbecue restaurant, many people are in love with it. Although the best barbecue is near the downstairs, we still feel a bit far away. Xiaobian feels that it is better to eat the door. While watching the show you like, you call your friends to string, it is very pleasant ~~


Among the many products, the editor was selected as a Morandi -colored electric baking sheet. I think its function is still more YYDS ~~~~


First of all, talk about its color, Morandi color, it is a relatively comfortable color,


High -grade gray, oats, and haze blue belong to this color system. They are not open, but in the entire picture, they restrict each other and offset each other, allowing the vision to achieve a perfect balance. This “advanced” existence is widely used in various fields, including fashion, makeup, home furnishings, etc., making everything look so delicate and elegant.

Secondly, let’s talk about packaging, the packaging is still strong ~

After that, let’s talk about its function again:

1. The upper cover is made of tempered glass, which can be disassembled so that I can cover it on the lid.

2. Buy with a baking sheet, a baking net


3. Different tools can make different ingredients. First of all, baking trays can make old Beijing roasted meat, grilled fish, and cooking

Then, the grill can roast sweet potatoes and wait ~~ You can use it for a while, remember to leave a message ~~

After that, it can be barbecue in double layer. Remember to take out the grill ~


There is a pull -up design below, you can make some steamed buns, etc.


While putting the grill below, you can also take some chicken wings, enoki mushrooms, etc. ~~

Finally, look at its knob function. The upper mode is three options: baking tray, baking skewers, and baking. The timing is 1-30 minutes.