Do not panic, check it carefully, judge the problem, and avoid spending money on money.


Do not panic, check carefully, check carefully, and judge the question:


Reasons why car removal images cannot be used:

1. Rear camera failure

2. Rear camera electrical source line loosening

3. Bulletting from the rear camera, damage to break


4. Short -circuit problems in the wire beam of reversing image

5. Slow car response or occasional death machine


1. Camera failure: You can remove the camera on the trunk and replace the new camera to see if it can be used normally.

2. Rear camera electrical line loosening: Check whether the camera supply wires fall off after the connection, re -connect the power line and use tape to strengthen fixation.

3. Damage of the rear camera power cord: Check whether the entire wire beam of the camera power cord after the connection is damaged by aging or multiple bending. If you find it, replace the new cable beam and fix the wire beam.


4. Short -circuit problem with the wire beam of reversing image:

To detect whether the entire reversing image circuit is normal, first read the OBD interface with a faulty instrument to see if there is a fault code display in the vehicle computer. Generally, the fault code will be displayed after a short circuit. Then use a multimeter to measure the output line beam to the video cable current between the camera. Just find short -circuit places to re -connect.

Generally, when the vehicle is not running smoothly, there may be images that may not be displayed after hanging into the reverse gear. In this case, first check whether the vehicle can perform other functions normally. If the stagnation occurs, it is recommended to restart the car. If the crashes often occur, it is recommended to go to the 4S shop to upgrade the vehicle system, or replace the new vehicle system.

Such problems are not common. If the vehicle is still in the manufacturer’s warranty period and goes to the 4S shop for warranty and repair in time. If it exceeds the warranty period, you can choose a professional repair shop or related brand 4S stores for self -funded maintenance and replacement.

5. Slow car response or occasional death machine