Friends “Successful” Diaoer men buy girlfriends at low prices


Friends “Note” Minker

Men buy a girlfriend at a low price

(Reporter Huang Yingfeng) Spend a thousand dollars to buy fur for his girlfriend, and with a new mobile phone for the other party. Unexpectedly, these gifts are all the stolen goods bought by men. When a girlfriend wore a stealing Diaoer walking on the street, she was recognized by the police at a glance. At present, two theft men have been detained.

On December 28 last year, when Li Mou, the owner of a mobile phone shop in Shangzhi City, found that the 79 new smartphones in the store were gone, with a total value of more than 100,000 yuan. Shang Zhi police retrieved the monitoring in the store, showing that at 1:05 am on the same day, a man entered the mobile phone shop, then broke the monitoring power cord, and then disappeared the screen. 15 minutes later, the man walked out of the shop with two plastic. During sorting out the case, a supermarket in Shangzhi City was stolen again, losing a number of cigarettes, a lady mink, and a men’s leather jacket. The monitoring of supermarkets is also destroyed, and the police speculate that the same person may do.

After investigation, the police found that a suspicious man Ai Moumou and his girlfriend were wearing a leather jacket and the sables were very similar to the supermarket, and the mobile phone used was also a mobile phone brand stolen mobile phone brand. On January 22 this year, the police arrested the two. Ai Mou explained that the mink coat, men’s jacket, and mobile phone were bought by his friend Wang Mou. Among them, the mink spent 1,000 yuan, and his girlfriend did not know. Seeing that Wang had stolen a lot, he also stole himself. On January 23, the police arrested Wang. At present, the two have been detained.