The general trend of pine cake shoes has gone! Now the hottest is “table lamp boots”, with a coat sweater special fashionable


In the past few years, I have been exclusive to the fashion industry -loose cake shoes, which have gradually faded out of everyone’s vision. Because of its thickness and heavy design, the design of the soles is becoming more and more exaggerated, and it is easy to make people feel cheap. The table lamp boots as a fashion rookie product can be more effective than wearing loose cake shoes, making the lower body look more slender.

Everyone heard that this name may be “foggy”. The reason why table lamp boots are called this name is because its heel shape is more traditional. This design is not only fashionable and trendy, but also can create different effects with different items. Let’s take a look.


Look1: table lamp boots+coat


For the high -ranking and temperamental fashion items that look high -level and temperamental, long coats are undoubtedly the best matching partners. However, the choice of coats cannot be too casual. The table lamp boots are not daily boots type. When matching long coats, you can choose a coat with a checkered and striped pattern with classic elements. Improved. This unique boot type is matched with such coats, and girls with thick legs choose to pair with a pair of straight pants, which can fully open the gas field and have a significant effect.

When matching the medium -style coat, the best way to match is to choose this simple desk lamp boots. In the case of highlighting the temperament, even if there is no blessing of the long clothes style, it can establish its own aura and personality. Especially girls who like casual and capable styles, this kind of matching a pair of tight jeans can play a good lean effect, making the whole look look very mentally energetic.


When pairing with table lamp boots, first look at the design and length of the boots. If it is a long style, the long models are revealed as long as possible. Secondly, the matching of the coat should be clear whether the style of the table lamp boots is “co -produced”. Girls with thick legs need to choose a shorter table lamp boots to wear, paired with wide -leg pants or trousers, so that wearing can not only show high, but also show their temperament.

Look2: table lamp boots+small suit

Retro style is a very popular style this year. So in the face of retro -style table lamp boots, you can use classic and capable small suits to neutralize the overall thick retro style, thereby visually achieve a thin effect and full of charm. This is a high -force daily wear for women in the workplace. Pants can choose the same suit as small suits. Of course, you can also match dad’s pants with different elements. Improve your confidence.

Look3: table lamp boots+sweater

Choose table lamp boots to wear according to the color of the top. The most indispensable fashion item in winter is the sweater. We can wear shoes according to the color of the sweater. For example, warm color and basic color (black, white, gray) combination, bright color and Morandi (camel, brown, gray) are matched to echo up and down. As a inside, you can choose a tight -fitting style. The neckline design can be selected according to the preference; as a sweater wearing a sweater, the texture must be heavy, the version should be loose, and it will have a seasonal laziness. Recommend sweaters to match with desktop boots.

Look4: table lamp boots+dress

No matter what style of dresses and table lamp boots, you must pay attention to the fabric of the dresses. Easy to make the guests win the Lord. The choice of color does not require too much consideration, the daily simple is mainly, because the dress itself can highlight your femininity, you don’t need to pay too much attention to other items to avoid stepping on the mine.


Winter is a “nightmare -like” season for many girls. It was originally full of body shape. Dressing bloated is just worse, and table lamp boots are very thin and thin and high artifacts. winter.