Purchase of beam belt


In fact, it is not difficult to choose the belly belt. As long as you understand its characteristics and use, you can screen for your needs. However, these screening has no basic reference standards. Next, I will introduce some of the choice of precautions to help the mothers can quickly lock the target when choosing.

1. Look at the material

Good materials: It is made of safe and polluted cotton, natural rubber, etc., without irritation, no odor, can fit the skin of Baoma, and breathe, sweat absorption, easy to clean and dry quickly.

Poor materials: the material is hard, impermeable, without sweat, and odor, it looks like low -end goods.

Method: Touch it with your hands to see if the fabric feels rough; smells whether there is a odor and a lot of dust; see if the surface is smooth and the pin is even. Don’t choose if you feel bad if you compare the material.

2. Look at the version

Good design: can fit the body curve of women and follow the beauty of women’s natural figure; with adjustable magic stickers, you can adjust the appropriate length according to the different fat and thin; Reinforcement, four -stage type, reinforcement behind the back, meet the body needs under different conditions; the most important thing is that the better version can always maintain the state after wearing it Shaping effect.

The poor design: The width is not enough. The waist is shrinking into a line, which is easy to wrinkle, it is difficult to smooth, and the design of the product is not obvious.

Method: Expand the product to see if the design is unique, whether there is enough adjustment range, it is enough to give a moderate support for waist and abdomen, and whether it can fit the curve of women.

3. Virginity

Good breathability: The product is excellent, and it can feel breathable and not feel dull; the skin feels comfortable, without heat on the body, sweat can evaporate.

Poor breathability: Poor material, red marks on the skin after putting on, sweat cannot evaporate, covering it with humidity and heat, making people uncomfortable.

Comparison method: Put your belly with your abdomen and put it on the mouth, blow it gently, and feel whether the airflow is passed over through the abdomen with your hands. If the airflow feels weak, the breathability is poor.

4. See elasticity and viscosity

Good quality: elastic foot, strong toughness, no deformation after multiple stretching; strong viscosity, after repeated paste, still strong, not tilted, no shedding.

Poor quality: Strong elasticity and hardness, not easy to stretch, elasticity starts to relax after a period of time; although the viscosity is strong, it starts to fall off easily after a period of use, affecting the effect of use.

Method: Take a band of abdomen and pull to see if the elasticity is not large, can you recover quickly? If you have a sense of compression tightening, it is not recommended to buy it if you have any. Restraint; try the magic sticker, whether the veneer can coincide, whether the fiber surface has dropped significantly after repeated tests. If there is no change and the fit is firm, you can consider it.

5. Seasons


Generally speaking, beam belts are also divided into seasons.夏季由于天气炎热,人容易出汗,使用收腹带的时候适合选择较薄的产品,利于透气,感觉凉爽,洗后容易干;而在冬天,宝妈们生产后要特别注意防止胃寒及The abdomen is cold, so you need to choose a thicker product to heat up. Therefore, Baoma can decide the thickness of the product based on the time of confinement.

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