Can TVs also film? This service launched by Xiaomi can make TV prevent blue light


I believe that many friends will receive new digital products with screens on weekdays, and they will put it with various films as soon as possible. There are retained tempered films, anti -privacy leaks, anti -blue light protection. Blu -ray film, etc., but it is not very popular for the TV film. On December 7, Xiaomi provided a unique film service for his 55 -inch TV, which attracted the attention of many netizens.


This film focuses on the experience of anti -blue light, claiming to have national standard quality, and has been certified by third -party testing agencies to reduce the blue light from the TV screen, thereby achieving the effect of protecting vision.

However, although it is a film, this service is not free. After all, the TV screen is large and Xiaomi’s staff also provides on -site services. And on -site service fee.


Although for most families, this service is not so necessary (especially in the case of paying), some netizens said that this service may cause some users to prevent blue light anxiety, so that they can be in vain and more expensive. Money such as money, but from the perspective of product services, this service is somewhat significant, and the anti -blue light effect has also been certified by the national standard, which is indeed effective to a certain extent. If you buy Xiaomi TV, will you be willing to spend 300 yuan more to buy this service?