How to choose the specifications and quantity of the electromagnetic pulse valve of the cloth bag dust collector


The electromagnetic pulse valve (also known as the diaphragm valve) is a compressed air “switch” of the pulse bag dust collector clearance. The control of the output signal of the pulse furniture fucking operator, spray the ash to the filter bag (room), so that the resistance of the dust collector insists on the setting scale to ensure the processing of the dust collector and the dust collection power.

How to choose the scale and number of the electromagnetic pulse valve of the bag dust collector? We must seize the following hubs: First of all, we must look at the filter bag to settle, that is, how many rows of the flower plate holes are, each row may be equipped with a pulse valve. The scale of the pulse valve can be confirmed based on the number, diameter, and length of the filter bag. Generally speaking, when choosing a bag dust collector, users will take into account the amount and number of the dust collector’s bag bags of the device. So, is the more filter material, the better the scale of the filter bag? In the design of a bag dust collector, is the selection of dust bags related to certain elements?

Let’s summarize below:

The elements that affect the diameter of the dust bag filter bag of the industrial dust collector are:

1. The large diameter of the cloth bag is related to the placing of the gray vein energy and the pulse valve. The diameter of the common pulse industry dust collector is generally between 120mm and 152mm.

2. The diameter of the cloth bag is linked to the huge details of the dust collector. For example, on the ground of about 7.5m2, use a filter bag with a diameter of 152mm and 3m long, and the filter area is about 163m2. If you use a filter bag with a diameter of 305mm area.

3. The diameter of the cloth bag is related to the width of the filter material. Various different filter materials have their scale width. In order to make the use of the use of the diameter of the cloth, the width of the cloth will be confirmed. For example, a fabric with a width of about 990mm, the seams left by the thread can be made into two filter bags with a diameter of 152mm.

The length of the length of the cloth bag filter bag that affects the industrial dust collector is:


The number of filtration bags is reduced and the equipment occupies a small area: under the condition of dealing with air volume, filtering wind speed, and the same diameter of the cloth bag, the length of the dust removal bag will be added, and the filtration area of ​​a single bag will be added, and then the number of filter bags can be reduced and the area of ​​the ground can be reduced;

The number of cloth bags is reduced, so the solenoid valve, pulse valve, spray pipes and other components of the ash clearance system will also be reduced, saving investment, and can shorten the ash clearing cycle of the dust collector. The filter bag can be added over the long -term production cost: the height of the industrial dust collector’s box should be added, and the upward extension will increase the strength of the component, so the cost of equipment production will be added.

Poor ash clearance: When the industrial dust collector bag is cleared online, the longer the filter bag is, the more likely it is to be re -adsorbed by the dust from the cloth bag; At all times, the more slowly filtering of the gray room;

Simple damage to cloth bags: The longer the dust removal bag, in order to ensure the ash clearing effect, the stronger the strong spray energy is needed. The larger the spray potential energy, the simpler the dust bag will be damaged;

If the filter bag is too long, it will be installed, protected, and inspection will be unfavorable. From the perspective of the development history of industrial dust collectors, the diameter of the commonly used bags for industrial dust collectors is generally between 120mm and 152mm, while the length of the cloth bags has become longer and longer, from 3.6mm in the 1950s to in recent years Come to 8-10m.

How to do the spray area of ​​the pulse valve?

We should remember the following formulas, so that you can favors you just to acquire the electromagnetic pulse valve to save budgets. One-inch spray 10-12m2 one-inch semi-spray 20-22m2 two inch spray 34-36m2 two-inch half-spray 40-42m2 three-inch spray 42-45m2 Let’s take an example: 130 in diameter of 2.5 meters of dust bag bag A piece of cloth bag is calculated, so one inch of electromagnetic pulse valve can spray 10 to 12 dust bags such as such models. In my country’s domestic valve generally 1 “right-angle valve, it can spray 8-10 square meters, design optimization and justice can spray 14 square meters, and the valve consumes a large amount of gas. Generally, it can be sprayed 10-12 square meters. However, it is advisable to not exceed 16 bags. The type of electromagnetic pulse valve selected by the unified type of bag dust collector is different. For example, the low -voltage pulse bag dust collector is used for swallowing pulse valve, but the filtering area of ​​the pocket dust collector in different types is different, so the pulse is selected for the pulse There are also differences in the fineness of the valve. The filtration area is large, and the pulse solenoid valve with large scale is selected.