What are the commonly used lithium battery gardens?


With the development of urban construction in recent years, urban greening has formed a large industry, and daily maintenance relies on these tools to complete. In the early days, gardening tools with gasoline engines were replaced by lithium battery in recent years. Electric products such as lithium battery chain saws, lithium hair dryer, lithium battery cutting machine, lithium battery cutting machine, and lithium battery hedgery machine gradually occupied the market. Lithium battery makes the use of garden tools lighter and safe.


要想园林对环境的改善和修饰作用发挥更好的效应,那么对园林中的花草树木定期进行修剪也是非常重要的工作,因此园林工具产品应运而生,而各种各样的园林工具类型, It also allows various plants in the garden to “get their own place.” So what are the specific garden tools? What role do you play in the garden? The following is a professional lithium battery equipment connecting experts, Aimus introduces you in detail the knowledge of the commonly used lithium battery garden equipment

Lithium battery cutting machine

The frequency of lithium battery cutting machine in the garden is quite high. The grass cutting machine is a mechanical tool for trimming lawn and vegetation. It is Control part composition. The grass cutting machine is mainly used in garden decoration pruning, grass greening pruning, urban streets, greening attractions, rural pruning, field weeding, especially grassland and grasslands in the park, football fields and other grass fields, private villa gardens, and agriculture, forestry animal husbandry The repair of venue vegetation and other aspects can also be used at the time of autumn harvest.

Lithium battery chain saw


The electric chain saw refers to the carpentry electric tool that is sawn by a rotary chain sawing chord. The main functions are cutting, and the use range is wide. In the garden, electric chain saws are often used to clean up large branches to ensure the survival rate of trees and reduce water evaporation. In order to achieve the maintenance effect on trees, the wear of the saw chain must be checked in time for the chain saw and replaced in time.

Lithium hair dryer


Although the lithium hair dryer sounds relatively unfamiliar, it is powerful. It can produce strong wind power when starting. It is mainly used for urban road cleaning, cleaning road leaves, dusty roads, garbage, weeds that clean the lawn’s deciduous trimming, etc. It can also be used for families. Sanitary cleanups in the courtyard, residential community school hospitals and other units. High noise is high, which is very helpful for improving the efficiency of cleaning.

Lithium battery heal

The hedgery machine is a gardening tool specializing in vegetation. It is suitable for professional trimming in garden greening, parks, gardens, and fences on the roadside. The main pruning objects are trees and plants such as Yang, winter green. According to the different shapes of the plant pruning, the hedgery machine is divided into double toughness and single toughness, and the single tough hedge is mainly trimmed by the wall -shaped hedge. The hedge is actually the hand of the hedge machine. It is really an artist in garden tools and equipment.

In recent years, the development of lithium battery gardening tools has been in full swing, which will inevitably drive the development of related industries. In the fierce market competition, how will the internal power connectors develop? As a professional lithium -battery equipment large -current connection expert, Aimus has always taken product quality as the first to continuously improve the quality of its own products. At present, the products have obtained nearly 60 national patents, including fire -fighting invention patents. Leading enterprise TTI, Lake, Quanfeng, etc. provide power connection solutions and services.