On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, talk about Made in China for military camouflage shoes -Dowei


70 years of thorns, 70 years of storms, 70 years of prosperity, 70 years of Guotai Min’an. When the sunshine of Jinqiu is sprinkled to the land of Shenzhou, we are about to usher in the 70th anniversary of the New China.


The birth of artillery, growth, and development in the battle. In the past 70 years, my country’s military strength has changed dramatically, standing in the east of the world with a new attitude, and behind this iron blood army soul, there is a more solid equipment guarantee! Among them, military shoes are a military demand for ancient and modern Chinese and foreign. The military demand must not only affect the combat effectiveness of the soldiers, but also reflects the economic conditions and technical levels of a country. Today, let’s talk about the camouflage shoes of the PLA.

Before liberation, due to the difficulty of supplying the supply of revolutionary armed forces under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, most of the military combat shoes were coarse shoes produced by rural women. After the founding of New China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army began to wear liberated shoes. For more than half a century, as a general -purpose military shoes combined with the Pingli war, the liberated shoes participated in the previous combat operations of the Chinese army and had been trained, production labor and daily life in troops training, production labor and daily life Play an important role. However, because the liberation shoes are made of cotton material, it is particularly easy to wear. In addition, this kind of shoe is not resistant to abrasion, poor breathability and humidity. It feels like “burning feet”.

Therefore, for a long time, the military forces of many countries are envious of the US military. They can not only choose the corresponding military shoes according to the use of combat, and when the soldiers complete the recruit training camp, it is allowed to purchase sports shoes by themselves, and The brand is not limited. For example, Nike, adidas, ASICS and other big -name running shoes such as Nike, adidas, and ASICS are now available. In fact, it is not a military demand distributed by the army. One of them is Wolverine’s sneakers.


Later, some people proposed that the U.S. military can have professional sports brands such as Nike and New Balence. Is it possible for Chinese camouflage shoes to cooperate with professional sports brands to enhance the sense of wearing? Until 2011, the Institute of Logistics Equipment of the PLA began to introduce the “sneakers” design concept into military equipment research, and put forward to make new concepts of new style training shoes more in line with the needs of human sports. At this time, Dowin Dowin, a domestic sports professional brand, was noticed by some of the PLA people who loved running.


Maybe for some people, the brand of Dowei is a bit unfamiliar, because it is different from leisure sports brands, and Dowei is a professional sports vertical brand. At the previous Olympic Games, many Chinese players wore Dowei sneakers to win gold. At the same time, Dowei is also a well -known domestic brand of marathon running shoes and is known as “China ASESS”. In 2012, there was a Malaysian PLA person who suggested that Domwei’s shoes are indeed very comfortable to wear, but they cannot be worn in the troops. Some people proposed that Domwell participated in the research and development of camouflage shoes.


Dorwegian Chairman Tang Mingsheng got the news and began to investigate. Seeing many soldiers who caused purple toes, fastening foaming, and bleeding from the heels because of the shoes problem … Carrying 30 kilograms of backpack marching. Chairman Tang Mingsheng looked at it very much, and he was determined to make a pair of good shoes for the soldiers!

Since 2013, Duwei has developed the 07 Armed Police Training Shoes and the Financial Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security for the characteristics of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Logistics Institute and the Finance Bureau of the Public Security Ministry of Public Security for decades of special experience in sports competitions for decades. 16 Armed Police training shoes, 16 armed police summer training shoes, public security police officers used duty shoes, and drafted and formulated relevant standards for the product.

During the period of cooperating with the development of 07 -style training shoes, Dorwei’s chairman Tang Mingsheng repeatedly returned to the army and the work room to ask the soldiers’ opinions, and based on the experience of the individual’s years of experience, it provided some of the proposals to make the 07 Armed Police training training. The research and development and production of shoes have made important contributions!

“16 training shoes are a pair of good shoes that can improve their achievements and protect their feet or not harmed in the war training!” Since 2016, Duowei has participated in the 16 armed police training shoes throughout the process. The development work, as the main drafting unit of the 16 Armed Police training shoes, has been formulated. The new armed police 16 training shoes are fully improved on the basis of the old 07 to be resistant to wearing, lightweight, comfortable, and fit! In order to allow each officer and soldiers to put on more comfortable shoes, Dowei tried it on different regions to ensure that the new 16 armed police training shoes are suitable for officers and soldiers in different regions.

With the increase in the development and development of Modwa in the field of camouflage shoes, Chinese soldiers have also had diversified camouflage shoes matrix targeting different types of military and different combat needs. This is inseparable from companies such as Dowei’s sense of responsibility and family feelings. The continuous optimization of camouflage shoes is inseparable from the professional support of Dowei in the field of running shoes. It officially has camouflage shoes that are suitable for Chinese soldiers because they can make running shoes suitable for Chinese people.

On September 29, 2018, Dowei launched the new 9 Series racing marathon running shoes -Ares 1 (ARES 1). The seventh and fifth of Lama, occupy an important position in the hearts of many domestic runners. This is a pair of racing marathon running shoes built by racing as the core element, but at the same time, the performance of running shoes is upgraded in all aspects, and the newly upgraded DWMote (RC) midsole, APOR cushioning system, N-ESSPRO canoral bow resistance system, Lightweight wear -resistant DAR800 outsole rubber to escort the runner PB.


The Marathon training running shoes MR3900 “Journey” just launched in August this year. This is a pair of tough training running shoes that can control high -intensity marathon. Judging from the feedback of runners, the journey still continues the excellent performance of the Dowei 3 Series, and at the same time optimized and upgraded, the toe’s velvet is soft and comfortable, the outsole DAR1500 wear-resistant rubber, the I-ESSPRO foot bow resistance system, Real carbon panel blessing, the new upgrade DWMote (TR) training is upgraded in the middle of the training, accompanied by the runner step by step.


At present, these two professional marathon running shoes have become online explosions, and are star products for domestic marathon running shoes! Both the wind and rain, the ending like a song. At the time of the 70th birthday of the New China, Dowwei’s star product “God of War” and “Joining Generation” also launched the 70th anniversary camouflage new color scheme limited model.

Camouflage version of the god marathon running shoes

Camouflage version Marathon running shoes


This time, the Duowei Magnar Edition and Camouflage Edition Journey uses a gray camouflage color matching, allowing your feet to bring camouflage, low -key and connotation. Two shoes opened in the official flagship store on September 11th. Pre -sale. Pre -sale During the sale period, with the officer’s certificate, the non -commissioned certificate, the soldier’s certificate, the veteran certificate and other related certification documents, you will purchase the Magic Version of the God of War, which will receive an additional 70th anniversary version of the commemorative T -shirt. Anniversary Edition Memorial towel.


A sports brand, because of the military travel complex, puts the marathon running shoes with camouflage, allowing more military fans and marathon enthusiasts to reach an agreement on spiritual beliefs and sports experience. The coat was covered with Xia Guang, the soldiers were in blood, and they rushed to the ideal appointment with youth; the scorching sun was baked, and the soldiers sweated like rain to refine the steel bone for the victory. The soldiers stand up like a mountain, carrying the love of the country on the shoulders … The years, the soul of the army, the defending the country, the mighty division, the road of strong army, the nation Dorwei’s Rise of domestic brands!

Go China!