Boys have these five jeans in autumn, it is enough


It was another fall of the year. Everyone started watching new autumn clothing. Do you watch a lot of clothes, but I do n’t know where to start with pants?

Today, five men’s jeans suitable for different leg types are summarized. It can be worn by 160cm or 180cm. Take notes.

Jeans 1


Blue ripped jeans: slightly slim -fitting version, not recommended boys, versatile jeans.


Jeans 2

Blue jeans: The pants are loose, suitable for slightly fat boys, middle waist trousers, and a blue color in autumn.

Jeans 3

Black jeans: wild black jeans, don’t make clothes too well.

Jeans 4


Light blue jeans: It is suitable for wearing items that are suitable for fresh and clean wind. They look clean and well -behaved in clothes.


Jeans 5

Blue jeans: Bid -footed version, the blue saturation is high, and the clothes are more yellow, white, and apricot.