The seven wolves and the nine animal husbandry profits have fallen over 80%, what happened to the men’s hegemony?


Reporter | Chen Qi Rui

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On October 27th, the seven wolves disclosed in the third quarter of the third quarter of 2021, and the growth of fatigits is still still.

During the reporting period, the seven wolves were recorded for RMB 842 million, an increase of 2.55% over the same period in 2020. The net profit of shareholders attributable to listed companies fell 83.38% to 5.91 million yuan, and net profit for deducting non-regular profit or loss increased by 206.78% to 1.68 million yuan. In the third quarter of 2021, the total number of seven wolves increased by 9.60% to 2.38 billion yuan, the net profit and the net profit increased by 48.21% and 4186.07% to 88.61 million yuan and 83.82 million.

It is not difficult to see that the decline in the income amount of non-recurring profit and loss projects leads to the main cause of the seven wolves in the third quarter. Specifically, in the third quarter of 2021, non-recurring profit and loss projects were 4.22 million yuan, while the number of 2020 was 61.84 million yuan. Although government subsidies increased from 11.03 million yuan last year to 13.35 million yuan this year, financial investment income has changed from a loss of 51.91 million yuan a loss of 7.9 million yuan.

Therefore, compared with the same period in 2020, seven wolves have improved a certain degree of improvement in clothing and related business. However, considering that some high growth numbers are raised by the low-basis of the epidemic last year, the overall business performance of seven wolves has not shown torsional trend.


In the 2020 performance report released in April this year, the seven wolves have been negatively increased. The annual revenue fell 8.08% to 3.623 billion yuan, the net profit of return and the net profit and net profit were 209 million yuan and 94.55 million yuan, and the decline was 39.83% and 57.94%, respectively. Among them, the overall revenue of 821 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2020 was only 36 million yuan, and if the deduction was negative.


In the third quarter of 2020, the domestic consumer market has emerged, and the performance of seven wolves has shown its dilemma in growth in growth. The previous interface has been analyzed that the image and operation mode of the seven wolves are biased towards the tradition, and the early expansion of the market will quickly expand the market, but today it is not possible to make structural adjustments quickly and in depth.

Another problem is inventory. According to the 20020, the seven wolves have risen 6.14% compared with 2019 in 2019. The balance of inventory increased by 15.17%; inventory turnover is 192 days, and it is more than 6 days in 2019, but this A number is 114 days in 2012.

In contrast, Lang Men’s 2020 annealed inventory has risen to 168 days due to epidemic, but in 2019 is 111 days. It can be seen that the inventory of seven wolves has been accumulated for a long time, and frequent discount activities brought by reduced stocks may damage the brand image and further compress the profit.

Similar problems exist in Jiu Muwang. Like the seven wolves, Jiu Muwang also deducted a net profit in the third quarter of 2021. During the reporting period, Nine Muer’s return was 199.9.8%, lost 69.95 million yuan; deduction net profit increased by 117.80% to 17.7 million yuan, while overall business income increased by 21.52% to 776 million yuan.

In the non-regular profit or loss item and the amount, the financial investment income of Jiu Mu Wang lost 81.22 million yuan, and the expenditures of other business business income reached 9.12 million yuan, and the two superposition let the overall return profit showed a decline. In addition, Jiu Muwang also pointed out that the low base of the epidemic in the previous year has risen the growth percentage of the third quarter of this year to a certain extent.

At present, Jiu Mu Wang has a total of nine animal husbandry, Ziozia, Fun and Vigano, in direct camp and joined models. As of the end of the third quarter, Jiu Mu Wang opened 2691 stores, including 308 stores in the past ninth month, and opened 243 stores.

For a long time, Jiu Mu Wang’s positioning mature business men’s clothing, but with the strong consumers in recent years, Jiu Mu Wang began to gradually transform, through JoeOne, Fun and Ziozia three brands to the differentiated market layout. In September 2020, Jiu Mu Wang announced that French men’s clothing designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi served as a brand creative, before he had a designer in Jegna.

However, from the current performance performance, Jiu Mu Wang’s young transformation initiative is not completely successful. But one thing is worthy of being, through the opening of a young chemical brand to innovate, it is undoubtedly more convenient than the renewal of the main brand. But the current selection of young consumers faces more, new consumer clothing brands and overseas brands have been re-educated to them, and Jiu Mu Wang will face a more competitive market.