Winter riding: 5 riding gloves recommendation


The biggest enemy of riding in winter is the cold outdoor weather. If it falls in the south, it will be wet and cold, which will not superimpart the “magic crit”.

However, the car still has to ride. Since we can’t change the weather, try to upgrade our equipment!


The following editors have lightly invested 5 moderate prices, which can maintain the demand for riding warmth above 10 degrees. Come and see if you have the one you like.


1. Decathlon highway mountain bicycle gloves all refer to men and women spring, autumn and winter, warm and seismic and waterproof riding equipment RC

The Decathlon series is designed for ride and other outdoor sports in autumn and winter. The lining is light and thin plush lining, warm and windproof, and the back of the hand is made of polyester fiber, which has a certain waterproof resistance. There is a large area of ​​cushioning lining inside the palm, and it is used for non -slip treatment, and the car control is more stable. Generally speaking, it can provide a better thermal insulation effect at about 10 degrees.


2. Circuit Circuit warm, windproof, comfortable, smooth wear -resistant and fleece full finger riding gloves


Circuit’s warmth is available in black and shining yellow. The yellow model is given priority, and the visual effect is very eye -catching. In terms of material, the outer side of the glove is synthetic soft lamb fabric to increase durability. The integrated buckle can be stored in pair. The design of no pads can better control the handlebars, but the cushionability will decrease, but there is no great impact. In addition, there are silicone printing in the main stress position to provide more friction, so that it will be more calm and effort when braking and car control.

3. Scorpion Castelli Scalda Pro Gloves

This scorpion autumn and winter gloves are applied to the 0-15 ° C environment. It uses a GORE-TEXWINDSTOPEPER technology to achieve the characteristics of the outer layer of windproof, waterproof, inner layer breathable, warm-keeping hands, and support the touch screen operation. Palm -proof silicon glue strip, cuffs ergonomic non -symmetrical design of windshield is comfortable. LOGO’s reflection reflector design is safe and intimate and dazzling. This glove editor has already been engaged in. At present, the daily commuting riding bicycles are very good.

4. DEFLECT men’s windproof soft shell imitation suede bicycle cycling gloves

The back of the wind -proof soft shell, the palm -resistant imitation of suede material, the palm is comfortable and supports the touch screen operation, which is very friendly to the winter cycling. There are black, neon yellow, and rocket red.

5. Waterproof charging heating riding gloves


Take a look at the dimension of scientific and technological progress. This glove can be used for electric vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. It is also OK for daily wear in winter. Since it cannot avoid expensive fabric technology, the table is overturned with science and technology.


Frankly speaking, the physical characteristics of this glove are not suitable for sports bicycle cycling motion; if the first four are the main direction of cycling motion, then this glove is a “big” big home travel and commuters in winter. baby”.