Wearing less long coats, the most popular “short coat” this winter, with these skirts, the true foreign spirit is thin


When choosing a jacket in winter, the length of the coat is a very important choice element. We should choose according to our figure, looks, physique, etc., instead of blindly based on some fashion matching on the Internet.

If you always feel that you are too bloated and not fashionable and light, then it is best to choose those jackets that are not very long, such as some short coats, which are even higher and thin.


So how should we wear a coat+skirt? Complete the following two steps.

Step 1: How to choose a short coat?

Choose a short coat in winter, you can refer to the following styles to choose and copy directly.

1. Short -haired woolen coat


Such a coat is not as difficult as long as a long style,


And the short coat is even more light and small for the small man. Such coats have no sense of restraint and are very casual and daily.

2. Ultra -short wide shoulder coat

This ultra -short style, the length generally reaches the position of the navel eye,

With such length with some high -waisted skirts, your legs can be particularly long, shaping the effect of three or seven points, and the ability to optimize the body proportion is strong.

If you are a small man and the body proportion is five or five points, it is recommended to choose such ultra -short -style coats, which is even higher.

3. Basic modelless collar coat

Such a basic coat is very versatile, and the tailoring is simple. There is no extra design.

Even the collar is optimized. Such coats can highlight their high -level materials. Although the version is simple, it is full of high -level sense. It is especially suitable for women with 30+ women. Such short coats with some contrasting half -bodies The skirt is very suitable

The overall will not look too boring.

4. Short fur coat


Short fur coats are a must -have style for everyone. Fur atmosphere and expensive, especially women in the Northeast side. Wearing fur in winter is a sense of form.

It is best not to choose a long style of fur coat, otherwise it is easy to wear a bandit. The short fur coat is more suitable for women and put on exquisite and atmospheric.

Step 2: How to choose the skirt?

What about the styles of those skirts suitable for short coats? Take a look at the following models.

Style 1: floral skirt

The floral skirt can be worn in any season, and it is not very picky about figure and skin tone.

The only thing to pay attention to is whether the style of the floral skirt will be old -fashioned. Many floral skirts are dark as the background, and if brown or black, it looks too mature, especially the floral or small. It looks even more old -fashioned, not very suitable for young women, but you can choose to choose a mature style.


Style 2: Checked H -shaped skirt


The plaid -style skirt is full of retro atmosphere, and the plaid style is very versatile. If it is not a particularly deep plaid, it will be particularly beautiful to wear.

The H -shaped skirt is particularly modified. If it is a pear -shaped figure, if you don’t want to wear too tightly, expose the figure defect, you can try a loose skirt. With some H -version of coats, the overall overall is very important Sigh.

Style 3: pleated A -shaped skirt

The pleated skirt is very elegant, and the layering is very strong. It will not be so rigid. It will look very gentle and pleasant when wearing the whole person.

In addition, we choose some high -brightness styles, which can neutralize some dull clothes colors, such as brown, white skirts can brighten brown, make your complexion look better and white. The white pleated skirt is more suitable for 40+ women to wear, and the effect of reducing the upper body is absolutely absolutely!

Style 4: High -waist split skirt


Such cocoon -type skirts are particularly suitable for those with pear -shaped figures,

The pear -shaped figure itself is relatively large, so such high -waisted cocoons can make you look more straightforward and perfectly avoid the position of unsightly hips. So when we choose the skirt version, please refer to our figure to choose

In this way, we wear clothes to be effective, and we will not wear cumbersome ugly.

Style 5: Black cake skirt

This kind of cake half -body skirt will be very princess, and for many tall men, such skirts are also a style that highlights their height advantages. The small man is more difficult to control such styles, so we can try short models. The panton skirt also has the effect of such cake skirts.


The style of the cake skirt is cute. We can use some exquisite jackets to press it, and the overall will be more formal.

The short coat in winter is introduced with a skirt. If you like this kind of matching method, you may wish to take a good look at the two matching steps introduced in the article. After learning two steps, it is difficult The coat with a skirt is ugly. If you still can’t, then refer to such a combination to imitate their wear is also a convenient way.