Girls in Shaoyang junior high school in Hunan were cut by group beating underwear camiskers, and many people in charge of the school were punished


A junior high school girl in the fourth middle school of Chengbu County, Shaoyang, Hunan was exposed to a number of girls in the classroom on January 9th. On the way, the jacket was picked up, and his underwear suspender was cut in public. The Chengbu County Education Science and Technology and Sports Bureau reported on January 20 that the beaten man Liu Moumou had a private grievance with the beaten girl Wang Moumou, so he gathered a number of girls to fight Wang Moumou while the teacher lunch time. Parents of both parties have reached a negotiation on the bullying incident, and the bureau has punished multiple leaders and teachers in the incident.

The live video obtained by the surging news ( showed that a girl wearing a black cotton jacket was surrounded by a number of girls by a number of girls by a girl and a girl in black and two girls in white. Several girls who hit people tried to cut off their clothes. On the way, a girl pulled out the beating girl’s underwear suspender and cut the strap with scissors. Subsequently, the beating girl was slapped again by many people, the coat was torn off, and the crowd humiliated the evil words, and the girl was crying.

On January 20, the Chengbu County Education Science and Technology and Sports Bureau publicly reported that the video content was true. During the lunch break on January 9, the beaten person in the video Liu Moumou had a private grievance with Wang Moumou. Gathering Yang Moumou and several girls in this class to fight with Wang Moumou’s class. After the incident, the school immediately informed the parents of both parties and sent Wang Moumou to a comprehensive examination. The results of the inspection were red and swollen.

Wang Moumou was discharged from the hospital on January 17. On the same day, the parents of the school organized the parents of both parties to conduct mediation and processing. After negotiation between the two parties, Wang Moumou’s inspection fee and hospital treatment fee total was 3220.74 yuan. Moumou had a deep apology to Wang Moumou.

The report said that the Fourth Middle School of Chengbu County did not attach enough attention to the incident and afterwards, and there was negligence and loopholes in management. In view of the negative impact of this incident in society, the school bullying incident in the school was notified in the county; At that time, he could not evaluate the excellence and first; the head of the deputy president of the administrative duty Zhou of the week was removed from office and the class teacher Wang Xiaowu, who was in the 127th class of the incident, was transferred to the county.