Belly dance exercise service uniforms are the most complete purchase guidelines (original)



About the practice uniform

With the development of belly dance in China, more and more people have begun to like and learn professional belly dance. When it comes to dancing, a tall equipment is also essential. In addition to the colorful and colorful performances of pearls, the belly dance exercise uniforms that are used for professionalism and wearing it are also full. Xiao Q also learned dance for a while. I have experienced the Indian -style lantern pants from the beginning of the initial understanding of belly dances. Great, but I still have a little experience in the selection of practice uniforms! Let ’s talk about the things you can buy with you who have already picked your eyes and have difficulty in choosing difficulties!

High -quality fabrics can reflect your taste

As a clothing specifically for dance, its functionality is first, and the choice of fabrics is even more important. Therefore, Modal or Cotton is the first choice for skin -friendly, soft, and sweat -absorbing. In addition, if you especially love sweating and do not like wet clothes on your body, then good breathability, quick -drying mesh or high -quality lace lace It’s also a good choice.

The version selects the right version according to its own body characteristics


How to use the exercise uniforms to show elegant temperament, it can also avoid strengths and avoid shortcomings, and cover the shortcomings of the body proportion. Because the belly dance is mainly based on the precise exercise of small muscles, whether you are plump and round or flat and thin, do not shy. Try to choose a close -fitting style that can draw the body curve and clearly show the sports trajectory.

Taking the most mainstream two -junction skirt as an example, the plump and round body MM can choose to block the short sleeve/middle sleeve and round neck top of the arm flesh, and the mm of the thin body can have one more suspender tube top or no. Sleeve and vests for selection (but if you need to put down long hair exercises, you still wear a half -cut T with a sleeve, avoid sweating on your back to affect the hair).

The skirt of the lower body depends on the type of the puppet. The close -up hip skirt is more suitable for MM with large lumbar gaps and bumpy figures. Small skirts with a certain degree of swing are particularly suitable for increasing the siege and let the crotch make the crotch. The movement looks clearer, with a larger scale or a straight tube mm.

In addition to the style of the skirt, the size of the skirt and the size of the skirt is also a small detail that cannot be ignored. In terms of skirt length, it is either shorted to 10 cm down hip flap or below the ankle. Try to avoid the length near the knee. The God’s darling of the legs, please be free), except for the asymmetric design skirt, but the short side is as close to the hip flap as much as possible to modify the leg shape.


The size of the skirt depends on the length and elasticity of the elastic band. Generally, the average practice uniforms on the market are the average number of weights. The MM with thin or well -proportioned body is not big, but the mm with a plump and special lower abdomen is uncomfortable. Not only did it look fatter, but it even affected the abdominal respiratory and caused the practice effect to be greatly reduced. Xiao Q I went to class because of the practice uniforms with different skirts within a week.


Therefore, the best solution is to choose a shop that is divided into large, medium and small or can tailor -made exercise uniforms for you. It uses a wide elastic band or a loose band without a wide elastic band, and it is directly supported by a very good skirt.

In addition, there are factors such as winter and summer replacement and women’s physiological period. You can also choose a conjoined style and bottoming trousers covering the belly button on the waist.

according to


Dance style and different props to choose to match the exercises

Everyone knows the diversity of oriental dance style, from a variety of Egyptian folk folk dances to various modern popular styles, and to integrate styles in various places, the characteristics of each style are different, so in addition to considering modifying the figure, the body’s figure Outside of the version, you may wish to wear different practice uniforms according to the different dance style or props.

For example, you can wear long skirts or Egyptian robes when practicing baladi; you can wear high fork long skirts or trousers when you practice SAIDI; you can choose the practice of combining with the color scarf color when you practice the scarf dance. Server and so on.

However, when choosing a long skirt, you must also depend on the situation of the classroom. If you are a student and do not study for a long time, then in order to allow the teacher to find out whether your leg movement is correct in time, it is recommended to wear a relatively refreshing short skirt and short pants; If you are a teacher and a professor who has a certain foundation, then while teaching the skills, it is also excellent to indoctrate the dance culture to the trainees through the special wear of the exercise uniform.

Love beauty and make yourself more beautiful is the nature of women,

Put on your most suitable practice suit and dance your favorite Oriental Dance,

Let’s go beautiful together ~!