How to use glass rubber guns


How to use glass rubber guns

1. How to use glass rubber guns

1. Use a knife to cut a small mouth at the exit position of the glass glue, and then use the knife to cut the front end of the glass glue’s gun into a sloping mouth shape. size. Under normal circumstances, cut into a 45 -degree angle, and then put the glass glue’s gun mouth on the exit position of the glass glue.

2. Next, you should rotate the teeth on the bar of the glass glue gun to the upward direction, pull out the bar from the rear, put the glass glue into the glass glue gun, and then push the lever down to let the glass glue the glass glue. You can fix it on the glass rubber gun, and then you can use a glass rubber gun to hit the glass glue.

3. If you want to use a glass glue gun to fix, then you should first exit the gun mouth of the glass tube mouth to the position that needs to be hit, and then press the handle of the glass glue gun with your hands. At the same time Speed ​​forward, slowly hit the glass glue in the position that needs to be bonded. Because glass glue has a odor, it is recommended that you wear a mask in the process of using it.

4. When using a glass rubber gun, keep the tooth surface on the bar of the glass rubber gun in the direction. When the glass glue gun is used, the tooth surface of the glass glue gun should be kept in the direction. And you should pull out the tank of the glass glue gun, and then remove the glass glue.


5. After the glass glue is used indoors, it usually only takes about ten minutes, and the surface of the glass gum will appear sulfide. If it is completely vulcated, it usually takes about 24 hours, or longer. How long it takes to be determined according to the indoor temperature and humidity, the thickness of the glass gum.

2. What should I pay attention to when using glass glue guns

Precautions for glass glue use


1. Use glass glue where the ventilation environment is good. After use, you must open the window to keep ventilation so that you can quickly emit the harmful gases.

2. Avoid contact with the skin to avoid glass glue from entering the eyes. Therefore, when using glass glue, it should be covered with a protective cover to prevent glass glue from entering the eyes.


3. When using glass glue, wear a mask to bring a mask when applying glass glue, so as to avoid harmful gas inhaled into the body.

4. Do not let children contact after using the glass gum, pay attention to the closed place where the child cannot get.

Third, the glass rubber gun is the same as the structural rubber gun?

1. Different colors: Structural rubber guns -most of them are black, while glass rubber guns are more color, most of them are transparent.

2. Different performance: The viscosity of the structural glue is strong, and the sealability of glass glue is better.

3. Different uses: Structural glue is mostly used on the background wall and wooden board bonding, tile bonding, etc. Glass glue is mostly used in sealing doors and windows, sealing glass, etc.

4. The general structured rubber gun is about 40 cm, and the general glass rubber gun is about 30 cm long. Their length is not to -like, and their diameter is not the same.

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