What is the difference between juicer, soymilk machine, and wall breaking machine? I bought it all, and finally realized the difference


A few days ago, the child’s kindergarten had a homework, and said that letting go home to make juice. So I chose a machine that can make juice on the Internet overnight. There were three types of juice: juicer, soymilk machine and wall breaking machine, all claimed to make fruit juice.

What are the differences between these three devices? I simply bought them all home. After the deep experience, I have this article today.

Squeeze juicer: Special for juice


After all the three devices were tried, I chose to use the juicer to complete the child’s work. the reason is simple:

This machine is specifically born for juice.

The biggest difference between it and the other two devices is that it is possible

Separate flesh

: There is a net outside the juicer blade. After the blade is crushed, the net will rotate quickly, throw the juice out, and leave the flesh to achieve the purpose of separating the flesh.

The wall breaking machine and the soymilk machine can also make juice, but after finishing the juice and flesh, the juice and flesh are together. Of course it is okay to drink it like this, but the taste is a little worse.

And you can’t put it for too long, otherwise the flesh will precipitate. The color of the precipitated juice will even become translucent, and a thick layer of flesh can be seen at the bottom of the cup.

Therefore, when using a wall breaking machine and a soymilk machine, you must manually filter it. A filter is accompanied by the general machine, which is specifically used for filtering. But the flesh filtered manual will be wet, and there will be a lot of juice in it.


Wall breaking machine: the most powerful function


The juicer is easy to make juice, but can only make fruit juice. Its knife head speed is only thousands of rpm, while the knife speed of the wall breaking machine can reach 20,000 rotations. The benefits of fast speed are more fine.


For example, I like to drink a cup of grain in the morning, which is to break the raw and dry grains of grains and brew with boiling water when eating. At this time, the wall breaking machine must be used.


Only it can stir up

, Put the knife head directly in the juicer.

In fact, I regret buying the wall machine late. Infant supplementary foods are most suitable for using the wall breaking machine. What kind of meat and rice paste can be made with a wall breaking machine.


Especially when making fish and shrimp, you can

Fish bone, shrimp shell

Broken. Think about me that I smashed the fish with a little bit of garlic tanks every day, and I had to pick out the thorn. It really took a lot of effort.

I know that before buying a wall -breaking machine, there is a question:

Can the wall breaking machine really break the cell wall?

After buying it, I used it for myself, and I checked some information before I knew it. Really! But in fact, it is not difficult to break the cell wall. It is difficult to break the cell wall of almost all food like a wall breaking machine.

What’s the meaning? For example, the juicer, the juice in the fruit is hidden in the cell wall, and the juice is called “crushing the cell wall”.

But in the same sentence, the juicer can only break the cell wall of the fruit. Give it a soybean, it is dumbfounded.

But the wall breaking machine is gone. No matter what food, it can break the cell wall. The benefit of breaking the cell wall is that you can directly absorb the nutrition in the food.

Tooth saving

——The is particularly important for old people and children without teeth.

Soymilk machine: low -profile version of the wall breaking machine

I feel like I use the soymilk machine: this stuff is almost the same as the wall breaking machine.

In fact, the wall breaking machine can also make soy milk, add soybeans and water to the wall breaking machine, just turn on the wall. If it is not different, you can only find the following two points:

1. Soymilk machine


Self -heating function

It can be heated directly when making soy milk. The wall breaking machine is not good. The soy milk is raw soy milk. There is a fishy smell that cannot be drunk at all. You must pour it into the pot and burn it.


(Now there are some wall -breaking machines with heating function, but it is not recommended to choose, it is too small.)

2. The header speed of the soymilk machine is only more than 10,000 rotations, which is stronger than the juicer, but it is still worse than the wall breaking machine.


Therefore, the types of food that can be polished by soymilk machines are richer than juicers, and can also be


competent. However, compared with the wall breaking machine, some bones (such as shrimp shells, fishbone, ribs), soy milk machines are not broken.

In summary, the use scenario of the wall breaking machine is richer, and the chance of idle is smaller. The juicer and soymilk machine specifies the use scenario in the name-

The juicer is more convenient when making juice; the soymilk machine is more convenient when making soy milk (it is just more convenient, not to say that the wall breaking machine cannot do these two things). In addition, these two devices cannot be compared to wall -breaking machines.