How to use your handle and teach you how to use the electric shaving knife.


The shaving knife can be said to be a must -have tool in men’s life. So what good “self -cultivation” should be available for a good electric shaving knife?

Select the right electric shaver, depend on these points


Rotating & rotation?

Electric shaver can be roughly divided into two categories: reciprocating and rotating type. The two types of razors are basically the same in terms of working principles. Shaver head shaved. Among them, the knife head of the rotating shaver rotates like a fan, so its knife head is round; and the duplex shaving knife head must make horizontal shocks, so their knife heads are one by one.

If you have a thick beard and you have to scrape the beard every day, then the duplex shaver will be more suitable for you; and the reciprocating razor is also more friendly for the thick beard, and there will be no rotating razor. The species is obviously pulling the roots, but the noise is greater than the rotating type.

If your beard is relatively sparse and the frequency of shaving is not high, the rotating electric shaver will be a good choice; the rotating knife head design allows the shaver to run relatively less, and the noise is relatively less noise, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right Facial fit will also be better.

Knife head and knife net

To buy a duplex shaver, you need to pay attention to whether the shaving knife head has a floating design, and the push -type shaving knife with a floating knife head can make the shaver better fit the skin of the jaw during the shaving process. , To improve the shaving degree, it can also bring a fairly good shaving comfort.


If you tend to choose a rotating electric shaver, the rotating shaver also has a double -knife head and a three -knife head design. Choose a rotating shaver with a three -knife head design. promote.

Is it convenient to charge

For electric shaver, whether it is convenient to charge it is a question that many of us may ignore when buying products. For example, whether it has 5 minutes fast charging, one hour fast charging, and whether the charger can be in the charger can be in Global, because this will affect the use of business travelers often traveling.


Is it convenient to clean

Today, almost all electric shaver on the market supports the whole body water washing. This is already a common function; for a reciprocating shaving knife, we often need to remove the net surface of the shaving knife at a certain time. Thoroughly rinse the dirt of the internal knife head.

Buying these is the most suitable


Philips S511

A high cost -effective one, the Dutch imported rotating double knife head, the knife holder head is removed, it is more convenient to clean. Washing the whole body, charging time 10 hours, shaving time for 25 minutes.

Philips S5082


5 to 3 knife heads, fit the face. Support dry and wet shaving, and the shaving experience is better. The whole body can be washed, and the shaver is quickly cleaned; and supports the use of cleansing brushes, accurate pruning, and nasal hair slimmer; it is full of charging, can shave for 30 minutes, and can be shaved 9 times.


Philips S7310

The S7310 has a 5 -way V -type 3 knife head to fit the surface. The outer ring of the knife head has high -density skin care micro -beads, and it is smoother during the process of shaving. Disassembly knife head can also assemble various accessories.

The whole body can be washed, supports dry and wet shaving, bringing different shaving feelings, and it is more convenient to clean. Fast full charging in 1 hour, you can use 50 minutes, about 17 shaving.

Philips S9911


This product is now the flagship of Philips. With 8 -way 3 knives, it can better fit the face. And upgrade to a double -layer blade, gently raising the beard to shave the beard, which is more clean and comfortable to be close to the face. The knife head can be disassembled and supports a variety of accessories. Upgrade version of the efficient intelligent cleaning system, maintain and wash the knife head. It can be shaved wet and wet, and can be rushed directly under the faucet. The LED 100 % power display is more intuitive. It can be fully charged in one hour and can be battered for 50 minutes.


Bora 3000

The 3 Series uses German imports to float 3 knife heads, which fits the facial facial, high -intensity closed and waterproof, and can be washed and cleaned directly. Flash -shaved once in 5 minutes, no longer worried about the embarrassment of shaving the shaver without electricity. It takes 1 hour to fill it for 45 minutes.

Boran 5050

5050 adds a special Optifoil oment that can float 3 knife heads, locks the angle of the 5 -speed knife head, more fit the face, and can capture the beards in different directions to effectively reduce the shaving. One -click automatic cleaning, lubricating blade, removing the odor, can be charged in the clean center socket. Concerned waterproof, and also supports cleaning and cleaning. Fast charging for an hour, sustainable use of 45 minutes.

Boran 9090


As a Boran flagship shaving knife, the 9 Series innovation uses resonant sound wave technology to automatically identify the facial contour, and the shaver is more comfortable and clean. At the same time, the knife head can rotate 40 degrees, so that the knife head can always close the skin.

And can enter the beard below the flat beard, cleaning more thoroughly. Full waterproof body, waterproof depth of 5 meters. The LED screen displays the power more intuitive. It supports 5 minutes of charging once, which takes 1 hour to bring 50 minutes of battery life.


Panasonic ES-WSL7D

Independent floating 3 knife heads, arched knife nets, more fitted with surface skin, shaving cleaner. The whole body can be washed with water and supports dry and wet shaving. 5 minutes fast charging function, forgetting charging can also be used urgently. Permanently charged for 45 minutes.

Panasonic ES-LV50-K

There are 5 floating knife heads in Japan, equipped with high -speed magnetic suspended motor, shaving cleanliness, faster speed, and relatively hard and thick beards can be quickly cleaned. Washing the whole body, can be shaved with wet and wet. In addition, the sound wave cleaning function can also allow you to apply the foam on the head of the knife and use the sound wave to foam. Level 5 LED power display can easily understand the surplus of power. Fast charging in 1 hour, you can use 45 minutes.