The tide of the bag is changing


Although buying Hermes’ Kelly and Birkin bags still need to line up, the precision and hunger marketing of old brands cannot reverse the trend change. Future women’s bags will become more and more trend




The leader of the women’s bag’s practical trend is Muasia Prada (


) In 1985, Prada launched a black nylon backpack without any trademark and pattern, which provided a new choice for the fashion industry that pursued the brand at the time. Its design inspiration comes from sportswear and military accessories. In the end, only a triangle metal sign with the word “PRADA” is added.

Prada opened the precedent of making women’s bags with industrial fabrics. Backpacks liberated women’s hands. From the use of the fabric to the capacity, Prada let the bag return to the practical essence.


Other brands have followed up, Guccci launched suede backpacks, and Louis Vuitton launched the old flower bare canvas bag.

In addition to the backpack, there were backpacks of waist bags, references to the messenger, and various practical shoulder bags, backpacks, and portable bags.


Chanel’s sinking leather pins

Yak Pak’s various practical bags


It is worth mentioning that




Recycling truck waterproof cloth

Bags made, both men and women.


and also



Brand began to use in 2019


Regenerative nylon production bag


, Not only backpacks, but also various shoulder bags and underarm bags.


The trend of bags in the future will be combined with environmental protection fabrics and practicality.

Furla made a new attempt. The Furla Candy of the 2022 spring and summer capsule series is a mini handbag, because



The thermoplastic polyurethane material is made of a beautiful ABS environmentally friendly material chain strap.

The bag brand that cannot solve the sustainable problem of fabrics temporarily puts the design focus on practical aspects. This is the reason why almost all styles of bags are equipped with shoulder straps. It is much easier to liberate the backpacker’s hands than innovative fabrics.


Therefore, cross -body bags will be more popular in the future.

And, the underarms influenced by Prada are light and convenient.


There are also continuous improved waist bags, both bags and decoration.


The popularity of smartphones, changes in payment methods, and the decrease in keys, we no longer need to carry too many things with ourselves. A small and light mini bag, without the amount of portion, does not occupy the place, can add mobile phones and lipsticks (

Or mask

) It is enough.


The small mini bag is also in the trend.

The soft bag of the packets is the essence of the bag bag. It is only used for wrapped things, so you don’t have to show off.

For example, Prada’s J -type backpack

There are other kinds of soft bags that fashion people love

Return to me, relaxed and leisure, is more and more lifestyle for urban people. The era of chasing brand, pretending, and heavy rare leather handbags are about to pass. Sustainable development is the content of bags, practicality is the essence of bags, and protecting the environment of the environment is the trend trend–

Be capable


The metaphysical one is spiritual, and the metaphysical person is material.

There is a capacity and pursuing both form and spirit.