Twenty kinds of New Year flowers, high -end and atmospheric, auspicious fortunes, now buying the cheapest


Time, the years are like shuttle, the time passes so fast, it is about to end in 2021, not far from the New Year, only less than 50 days left! Friends who like to raise flowers, from now to the next two months, can choose some plants that can be raised in the middle of the year! Now buying the cheapest, if more than a month, most of them have to increase the price!

1. Baolian Lantern -high -end, atmosphere, style!


The Lotus Lantern is the evergreen small shrub of the wild peony family. It is native to foreign regions such as the Netherlands and the Philippines. It was introduced into China around 2000. It is still a relatively small and high -priced potted flowers.

Its scientific name is pink sour acid foot. Because the flower shape of the flower blooms is very similar to the traditional Chinese treasure lotus lamp, it is named.


The plant shape of Baolian Lantern is large, large leaves, and flowers are like palace lamps. The shape is very beautiful. In addition to the price is a bit expensive, it is still loved by the majority of flower friends.


In addition, the maintenance of Baolian Lantern is not difficult, and it is easy to bloom. It is especially suitable for maintenance indoors without direct sunlight. The flowers are large and the plant shape is also large. It is the endorsement of “” high -end and atmospheric “.

Baolian Lantern is a typical flower suitable for warm tropical climate, it

The only and most obvious disadvantage is fear of cold.


However, as an indoor flower planting, there is heating in the north in winter, the temperature will be higher than 18 ° C, and the treasure lotus lights will grow and bloom normally, so watering and fertilization should be carried out normally; while the southern region should be watered less to keep the pot soil dry dry , To spend the winter safely.

2. Longevity flower -meaning health and longevity!

Longevity flowers are the popular New Year flowers in recent years. It belongs to the plasma plant that belongs to the Sedotae family. Although the leaves look not as thick as ordinary succulent, its stems and leaves are indeed fleshy.

The color of longevity flowers is particularly rich. In addition to the red, there are yellow, purple, pink, white, green, orange, compound color, etc.

However, as a festive New Year’s Eve flower, it is better to be red or purple. The common red varieties are: African rubies, carnival, golden fox, auspiciousness, rouge, Cartane, Daerio, Ruby, Hongtu, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, big leaves, large leaves, large leaves, large leaves, and large leaves Red single (phoenix longevity flower) and so on.

Purple longevity varieties include Zi Bin, Ziyi, Zidi, Ziyun Sea, Zizhuti, and Change Purple Shan.

The maintenance of longevity flowers need to pay attention to:


① Use small pots to plant, small pots with small plant types, which are quite playful and cute, especially suitable for placing indoors; ② usually less watering and sunbathing the sun; ③ trimming the top of the seedling period, promoting branches; ④ during the strong period of growth Get more fertilizer.

3. Clivia -steady and practical modest gentleman!


Clivia can be described as the leader of indoor potted flowers, gathered leaves, views, flowers, and fruit,



In one.


Clivia is a herb of the family of Shi garlic. The reason why there is an orchid in its name is mainly because its roots are fleshy, thick and white.

Some of the lines of Clivia are also quite ornamental, and the current prices are relatively expensive. Mainly because the number of gentlemen of this kind of linear variety is relatively scarce, the growth rate is relatively slow, and it is difficult to reproduce.


The natural flowering period of Clivia is in the winter and spring season, and the flowering period is during the Spring Festival. The ornamental time of the fruit is also very long. First of all, the small green fruits are slowly growing into full red fruits.

The maintenance of Clivia needs to pay attention to:


① There is no need to have a strong light, especially in the hot summer. Pay attention to avoid the sun exposure, otherwise the leaves will be prone to yellowing and aging;

There is a form of a gentleman orchid, which is “no spring, no summer, dry in autumn, and wet in winter.” To conservation according to this formula, Clivia can usually be raised.


4. Zhu Dinghong -cannons fight the four doors and four parties!

Zhu Dinghong is also from the family of stone and garlic. It is a ball root. There is a big ball -like ball root under the ground, so Zhu Dinghong is very easy to feed.


Continuously grow and bloom.

In some dialects, Zhu Dinghong is also called artillery to fight 4, mainly because one of the flower swords usually bloom 4 flowers in four different directions.

At present, there are many varieties of Zhu Dinghong. In addition to the large red soil Zhuzhu in my country, there are also many large -petaled Zhu Ding red introduced from abroad. The color is richer and bright.

Zhu Dinghong’s flowering period is generally at the time of spring and summer. If you want to watch Zhu Dinghong as the New Year’s Eve flower, you should buy a ball from one month to two months ago to buy a ball.


5. Rose -Moon and Moon Blossom, Moon and Moon Red!

Rose is a particularly excellent garden material. Its flowering period is very long and can bloom almost every month. The flower color is very good, and some have a strong floral fragrance. The only problem is that it is easy to get pests and insect pests.

There are many types of rose, and there are tall vines. There are also pork necks in vines.


As a flower flower, it is best to choose red roses. The red rose are red dragon sand gems, Florentina, Royal Rouge, Meilang lipstick and so on.


6. Aquside Flower -Lingbo Fairy, fresh and elegant!

Narcissus flower is a traditional Lantern Festival flower in my country, and has a long history of cultivation in China. See, at the Spring Festival party every year, guests will always put a pot or two pots of aqua.

Although the color of the daffodils is white, not as festive as other red flowers, it has its own clean and elegant.

7. Crab claw orchid -flowers and leaves are unique and good!

Crab claw orchid, like Changshouhua, is also a very popular New Year flower. The leaves and flowers of crab claws are very distinctive and are not kitsch.

If you want to raise a pot of tall crab claw orchids, it is best to graft it on Yexian or cactus. In this case, it will be much simpler.


8. Strawberry -can bloom and result, can also be used as green plants!


In the autumn and winter seasons, it is also a good season for planting strawberries. Planting a pot or a pot of strawberries. It can not only watch the leaves and enjoy the flowers, but also pick fruit. There are children at home. It is particularly interesting to raise a few pots of strawberries.


The planting of strawberries is very simple, but at first everyone should not buy seeds from sowing, just buy small seedlings or large or medium seedlings to plant, it is easy to bloom.

9. Rui Xiang -Rui Xuezhaofeng, and it is still fragrant!


Ruixiang has become the New Year’s Eve flowers in my country, and there is no short time. Its name has a fragrance, mainly because it blooms very fragrant.

Ruixiang has a very common variety called Phnom Penh Ruixiang, and its leaves have golden brown edges around. Ruixiang blooms clusters, the front of the petals is white, and the back is purple -red.


10. Camellia -traditional famous flowers and elegance!

Camellia is one of the top 10 famous flowers in my country. The flowering season is also mainly concentrated in winter and spring. It is a very excellent courtyard flower material or potted material.

Camellia is very large, colorful, and beautiful.


11. Kumquett -fruitful, great luck!

In the New Year, many friends, especially friends in Guangdong, like to buy some kumquat pots and placed at home or door, which means fruitfulness and good luck.

The lush green leaves with Huang Chengcheng’s fruits are really beautiful. You can eat kumquat viewing. It has a high nutritional value and can breathe and asthma.

12. Wen Xinlan -Fanhua is full of star!


Some people like the atmosphere of peony or camellia, but some people like the small and cuteness of Narcissus or Wen Xinlan. Wen Xinlan belongs to the orchid plant, but it is much better than other orchids.


Wen Xinlan’s main flowering period is in the winter and spring seasons. During the Spring Festival, it is more important that it will have a good floral fragrance.

13. Phalaenopsis -high -end atmosphere, like a butterfly dance!


If you don’t like Wen Xinlan’s petite and cute, then you will definitely like the high -end atmosphere of Phalaenopsis. The petals of Phalaenopsis are very large and thick, and the colors are very bright, like a butterfly dancing.

Friends who like to watch Phalaenopsis, but they can’t raise flowers, it is recommended to buy the finished phalaenoptes with flowers or buds when the Spring Festival is near the Spring Festival, and it will bloom shortly later.


14. Come Come -Welcome to guests!


Fairy Lai is a very fairy -old flower pot. Its main flowering period is also in the cool winter and spring seasons.

Corillands come to the hot summer, and all the branches and leaves and flower stems will wither, but don’t think it is dead. It has a sweet potato -like stem under the ground. , Blossom.


15. Moran -Gentleman also!

There are many varieties of orchids. The varieties that bloom in winter and spring are mainly Moran. The main feature of Moran is that the leaves are very wide and narrow, the flowers are very large, the color is very bright, and the fragrance is strong.

Moran’s varieties are Miss Korea, Black, Jinhua Mountain, and Emerald. Among them, Miss Korea blooms purple red flowers, black and Jinhua Mountain open red brown flowers, and emerald goose yellow flowers.

16. Song Hongmei — the quality of pine and plum blossoms!


Song Hongmei, Song Hongmei, was it called Sun Honglei?


Although Song Hongmei has both pine and plums in the name, it has nothing to do with pine plum blossoms, but the leaves are very slender, like pine needles, and the flowers are like plum blossoms.

However, compared to pine trees and plum blossoms, pine plums are easier to take care and bloom as potted plants. It can be used to replace pine trees and plum potted plants.

17. Great Cymbidium -The symbol of festive auspicious atmosphere!


If it is said that orchids are defined as traditional comics in our country, then Dahuangchi is an exotic product introduced from abroad.

The flowers of Great Cymbidium are greater and the colors are more bright.

The color of the big Cymbidium is also very rich. In addition to the big red in the picture above, there are also yellow, white, purple and so on.

18. Silver willow -Silver stays!

If no matter what kind of potted plants, whether the flowers or the green plants are good, it is always impossible to raise it. It is recommended that you put some flower arrangement flowers. Silver willow is a particularly good and festive New Year’s Eve. Flower insertion.

The price of Yinliu is not expensive, the meaning is good, and it can be inserted for a long time. No need to add water, the state can maintain at least two or three years.

19. Snow willow -fresh and elegant!


If you feel that the red and purple is too tacky, then it is recommended to insert a handful of snow willow, white flowers like snow, which is very fresh and elegant.


Snow willow needs to be raised with water, and change the water every other day.

20. Winter green fruit -fruit is red, very festive!


As the material of flower arrangement, the red winter fruit is also a good New Year’s Eve flower arrangement. The red fruits are densely arranged on the branches, not only particularly festive, but also give people a feeling of fruitful results.

Dong Qingguo looks good, but the price is very beautiful. It takes dozens of branches to build a pot of flowers. There is no hundred dollars.