2018 Shimonatsu Tea “Yunnan Ancient Tree Phoenix Cake” Pu’er raw tea


【Product Name】 Yunnan Ancient Tree Phoenix Cake (Bubble)


[Product attribute] Pu’er tea (raw tea)


[Product ingredients] Yunnan Big Leaf Segee Sun -green tea

【Net content】 357 grams/piece

[Product specifications] 357 grams/piece × 7 tablets/mention × 2 small mention × 2 big mention/piece = 10 kg/piece

[Production Date] October 2017

[Product Price] Temporary (more brand Pu’er tea product price quotation, please refer to the column of tea network “Pu’er Price> Other Brands”)

Product characteristics: Yunnan ancient tree phoenix cake raw tea, raw materials are produced in the Bangdong area famous for “rocks”. There are rocks on the hillside of tea planting. The soil is mainly gravel.It has a unique flavor.Use the traditional texture of traditional bamboo shoots to keep the tea aroma charm.This cake strip is tight and uniform, and the color is green.The soup is golden and translucent, the aroma of smell is strong and domineering, the floral fragrance is overflowing, the sweetness of the grade, the unique and lasting taste, the taste is thick and mellow, and the sweetness is sweet.In