This kind of bathing shower is like a waterfall with a large amount of water! Key also constant temperature


When the owner Mr. Song recently took a bath, he found that his shower was very unstable and was not comfortable to wash. Thinking that it might be a problem with the shower, he planned to go out to buy one. But when he arrived in the store, the store always recommended Mr. Song’s supercharged shower, saying that it was easier to use. Mr. Song is very confused. Is the supercharged shower so good?

The booster shower refers to the adjustment of the water temperature and the stable bathing water temperature and the amount of water out of the water.

What are the advantages?


1. Avoid water temperature and cold, and improve the pleasure of bathing. While the water temperature is stable, it also plays a certain massage effect, which can effectively eliminate fatigue;

2. The water out of water is smoother, saving water to a certain extent.

However, it should be noted that the supercharged water faucet only increases the water pressure of the shower, but if the water pressure in the home is originally unstable, it is also the cure of the standard. At the same time, if the water quality is not good at home, it is easy to block the small holes, and you need to disassemble and solve it.

How should we choose when we buy?


The more common pores, multi -functional supercharged shower, and so on in the market are now.


Fine pores are scattered with fine pores, which means that the area of ​​contact with the air is increased, and it becomes very cold. Summer is okay, but it is a pit in winter. It is not recommended to buy.

Multi -functional supercharged shower is more advanced than fine porosity shower. The setting of multi -gear to meet the requirements of different users for water pressure and use it very comfortable.


The traditional shower, because of the less holes, not only the feeling of spraying on the body is worse than the supercharged shower, and the water pressure is not stable.

Finally, I remind everyone that the booster shower is not cured. If the water pressure is still unstable, install the booster pump!