Cross -knee long cardigan sweater, pocket decoration on both sides, keep warm and wear


Wiring]: Jacket Wire 18th Regiment

【Tool】: No. 10 No. 9 No. 7


[Products]: Bust 104 Single Film 25 Clothing 91 sleeves 45


【Dens】: 7 needles 20 square -poles = 10cm

Rear film: No. 9 needle 112 knitted double compass (3 times on both sides) 22 lines (8cm) change No. 7 needle and close to 110 knitting two rows on the two rows and two rows and lower needles. The marking ring continues to do not reduce the weaving 46 lines to start the weaving with a retreat.

Prelimers: 62 needle tattoos on the 9th needle (with 3 needles under the middle of the middle needle, and the sutured side needle is 1 needle under). Relying on the middle of the middle needle to weave and go, the other edge needles are all weaving. The number of stitches is 5 more pins, so when suture, find out the middle position of the rear film to marker, and then suture.


Sleeve tablet: After 54 stitches, add to 60 stitches to No. 7 knitted patterns at a time. The pattern of the sleeve tablets is the same as the front tablet, but the position of the needle is 4 needles, and the needle is added to 72 stitches at 13-2-6. Fantastic weaving 94 lines plus lobe 45cm and positive body should be sutured by 3: 4

Pocket: No. 9 needle 36 stitches No. 7 knitted front tablets 38 lines 38 lines 10 knitted rose 10 lines to stitch needle, the size of the pocket is 14*17