Chengdu’s “Chinese Education” kindergarten adopts a “full -prime diet” to young children, official: investigating


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Recently, a kindergarten in Chengdu, under the banner of “Chinese Studies”, was exposed to “adopting a full -vegetarian diet”, which made netizens angry.

The kindergarten propaganda content shows that while receiving Chinese education such as “Disciples” and “Changli Raiders”, children studying here are across the meat. Send the child over.

Some popular science bloggers have pointed out that preschool children’s vexesy diet can cause serious malnutrition, have lifelong damage to IQ, and even cause life risks. This arrangement is suspected of “abuse children.”

According to local education bureau officials, an investigation team has been established to conduct investigations, and the results of the investigation will be announced to the society.


Moreover, according to the observer’s network search, kindergartens, which are also under the banner of “Guoxue+Vegetarian”, have nearly a hundred companies across the country, covering most provinces.

It was exposed to “use a full -vegetarian diet method” in Chengdu New Metropolis District Deyin Academy Kindergarten


On March 2nd, the public account “Vegetarian” published a push entitled “Like, Chengdu actually has such a full -vegetarian kindergarten”, which introduced a special kindergarten called “Deyin Academy” in Xindu District, Chengdu.

The term “Deyin” means “beautiful words, good words”, which is derived from “Deyin Mo Victor, and Er Die” in “Poetry · Wind and Valley Wind”. Indeed, under the banner of “Chinese Education”, it emphasizes the education of students in Chinese traditional Mongolian classics.


Tailor the classic recitation plan for each child, teach and listen to the combination of reading. Use three years to help children read and recite Chinese and foreign classics. Under the classic infiltration of the child’s body and mind, inspire the wisdom of the child, and open the light with light.

At the same time, leading children to learn, recite, and strive to practice Chinese traditional Mongolian classics “Disciples Rules” and “Changli Restaurant” to cultivate children into a person who knows books and have good cultivation.


The public account “Vegetarian” published “Like, Chengdu has such a whole vegetarian kindergarten”, which has been deleted

However, this kindergarten is more special in “adopting a full -vegetarian diet.”


According to this push introduction, this kindergarten “provides students with a variety of vegetarian meals to ensure the necessary nutrition of children”, “In addition to becoming vegetarian in diet, schools educate children how to produce foods in daily activities at the same time. And tell them how to protect the environment and how to get along with small animals. “

At the same time, this kindergarten also organizes students to make “gratitude meals”, of course, it is also full.

This article wrote at the end, “The core work of education is to inspire children’s own kindness and strengthen children’s good deeds. Teaching children to be filial, respectful, understanding, gratitude, and respecting life, and fear of nature.”

In this pushing comment area, many readers commented and even felt that the founder was “merit”, and he also hoped to send his children over.

However, in the eyes of other netizens, this kindergarten is really too much, and it is very angry.

First of all, although Chinese education is related to moral education, it has nothing to do with vegetarian food.


For example, in the promotional video of “Deyin Academy”, a teacher led the children to worship the Confucius statue.

However, the Confucius they respect not only did not advocate not to eat meat, but even very particular about eating meat. For example, “The Analects of Confucius · Township Party” “I don’t tire of food, I don’t tire of it. Meat defeat, don’t eat. “


The teacher of Deyin School led the students to worship the Confucius statue

In the words of netizens, this is to sell “the concept of vegetarianism” under the banner of “tradition” and “Chinese studies”.

Moreover, it is even more worrying that there are so many people who are suspected of being a parents who are suspected of being a parent.


Why are netizens so excited about this? The reason is very simple. Preschool children have to eat meat to supplement nutrition …

Popular science bloggers@科 The future of science also stated that the vegan food and diet are suspected of abuse of children. Children need to supplement a large amount of protein. Essence can easily make children malnourcing and even dangerous life.


It is understood that a study published in the “British Medical Journal” last August stated that excessive vegetarian diet may lead to insufficient intake of human choline and affect brain health. Choline is essential to brain health, especially the fetal development stage.

Because the choline produced by the human liver is not enough to meet the needs of the body, it is necessary to replenish the diet, and the dietary choline is mainly derived from meat and egg milk products. The lack of choline intake during pregnant women and lactating women can affect the health of the fetal brain.

In addition, even if the veganism is “imported”, it is not uncommon to feed the children’s physical development abroad even if they are abroad.

Of course, in a contemporary society, adults are willing to be vegetarian as his personal choice, and seeing wisdom, after all, this does not hurt others.

But for preschool children, if they are sent to “Quan Su Kindergarten” by their parents and parents?

According to the news of March 3rd of the Education Bureau of Xindu District Education Bureau of Chengdu, the New Metropolis District Education Bureau has followed the “Deyin Academy” and immediately formed an investigation team to investigate and verify. Essence

As of the press release, this push about “Deyin Academy” has been deleted by the public account “vegetarian”, but the same content has been reprinted by multiple publicity websites.

Not only that, according to the observer network search, “Quan Su Kindergarten”, which is “passed down” between the public accounts of WeChat, has about nearly a hundred people across the country, and most of them have played the banner of “Chinese learning”. They advocate professors. Children’s traditional classics, cultivate children’s morality.

The names of these kindergartens are mostly “×× Academy”, “×× School” and “×× Private School”. Most of the provinces across the country are distributed. The number of different places is different.

“Quan Su Kindergarten”, which is promoted online


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