The tablecloth requires quality, and it is expensive to sell


There is a particularly responsible shop chief, chasing me only one topic every day, “Can the cost of the tablecloth be reduced again? Other people’s waterproof tablecloths are only seven or eighty dollars!”

So what do other people’s tablecloths look like?

“Soft glass PVC tablecloth waterproof and anti -hot -proof plastic leather -free plastic leather table mats transparent coffee table pad crystal board …”

Universal treasure! Although Hui Yanxianzhu has been exercised into a basic ability, he can’t resist the small tricks that take advantage of keywords. Waterproof oil -proof is not washing, where is the tabletop, which is simply selling bulletproof glass.

Although he was unconvinced, he still bought a few popular models with the mentality of learning.

Some surprises are that several tablets of tablecloths with cotton and linen waterproof art are actually not contained in cotton and linen.

The “misunderstanding” of the seller show and the buyer show

Several other waterproof coatings are also PVC coating.


PVC film with plastic odor.

This official name of “polyvinyl chloride” chemical raw materials will gradually decompose the hydrogen chloride gas that is harmful to the human body when heating more than 50 ° C. Essence

According to Wikipedia Studies:


“Since the 1970s, the workers in the polyvinyl chloride factory have some malignant liver cancer.


Europe and Australia also began to notice that workers in polyvinyl chloride factories have several cancers. Native

In addition, people also started to pay attention,

If children chew these soft -plastic toys, they will have the safety of additives. “

The PVC that I saw before, the raw material state is white, which can be processed into a silk pad, and it can also form a liquid.

When softening and shaping, PVC needs to use a plasticizer called “DeHP”. This plasticizer is prone to gas atomization, which will release chemical gases into the air, and it will also be dissolved in oily liquid.

In other words, when the hot oil drops to a soft PVC tablecloth, it is likely to stimulate harmful gas overflow.


So what will happen to PVC? We did a small experiment.

The surface will be viscous and softened, and the smell is obvious. If you really do n’t think of the use of high temperature, there will be a chance to produce carcinogens.


In 1943, Abraham Maslow listed personal safety demand as the basic needs after physiological needs in his theory of “The Theory of Human Motivation”.

It is no exaggeration to say that eating safe is that we are still pursuing the basic guarantee of life.

Think about this, even though I am to us

“Secret Recipe” coating

I am quite confident, but I still can’t help but go to the factory’s beauty boss to discuss it carefully: Why do our tablecloths also indicate that they are not hot?

Every time I take a picture, I drive the iron to the maximum horsepower. With the temperature that can bald, it can be ravaged on the front of the tablecloth. In fact, it is fine.

The beauty boss told me that although the secret recipe coating will only change quality above 260 ° C, the coating and fabric are connected with hot -melt technology. Too high temperature will destroy the adhesion of the coating on the surface of the fabric and reduce it. Short service life.

Add water, beer, milk, and sesame oil in order, and wipe without traces immediately. If you do not wipe for a long time, you can wash it with water.


Compared with the lack of PVC tablecloth detection standards, our waterproof fabric has been certified by OEKO-TEX. It is highly safe and exported to European countries such as Norway and France all year round. Essence

The price of the cactus of France is about RMB 300.

I feel that fate is more important than money and can not endure plastic cloth at home,


You can buy it directly.

If you want to know more, you can slowly look at the other five characteristics of our waterproof tablecloth.

There is a cloth

To be the most unbearable to buy a tablecloth this time is to sell plastic cloth to me under the banner of fabric.

Is this thing rotten as soon as this thing is torn? Intersection

I especially agree with Wang Erde’s words, “I don’t want to make a living, I want to live.” But the life I want is by no means a piece of plastic cloth that can be satisfied.

Very easy to pull

There are [True Foods] for blessing, how can you tear up?


At least there must be cotton, preferably linen. Natural fiber always has strange healing ability, giving people unspeakable spiritual warmth.

So when making tablecloths, we chose three fabrics for bottom cloth.

One is 55% cotton and 45% hemp

Cotton and linen material.

Compared with the three, the feel of cotton and linen is the most heavy, and the beautiful bamboo pattern is delicate. Therefore, only some development is made in color. There are two different ashes on sale: deep -to -all -off -shallows, and shallow silver gray with some silver powder.


The light silver gray on the left adds silver powder, and the feel is thicker.

One is 50% cotton 50% polyester

Material polymer.

Polyester cotton fabrics are moderate, the fabric is flat, the color is good, and it is easy to clean, so I did more research on the flower type.

The deep and shallow fish restores the dynamic vitality of the underwater world. The printing effect is clear and fresh

Another is 100% cotton

Pure cotton material.

The higher the number of fabrics, the thinner the quality, and the quality requirements for cotton are also improved a lot accordingly. Considering that it is easy to clean and friction, even if the price is slightly higher, we still use 32 cotton.


The 32 cotton yarn should be made on the scroll (replace the cotton line to another roll), and the high -quality cotton ingredients can be made


We used it to make a lot of simple geometric figures that people like. Unlike other people’s homes, we do not need to print, but to dye the yarn and woven the color to give the pattern more layered sense.

The checkered cloth does not look like the waterproof coating. The texture of the color weaving lattice is clearer, and the color fastness and layering are far better than the pattern of paint printing

Can be washed


Do n’t clean the waterproof and oil -proof tablecloth? In my opinion, technical convenience is to live better. When I get home from get off work, enjoy the fun of cooking, the sense of immersion in the meal, and want to put on the sun, this is okay.

Wanting a clean and decent table, having a clean and beautiful tablecloth is your power to pursue life. “Lazy people” often can’t be squeezed by time.


But when there is time, this tablecloth can be washed water.


Soaking diagram


Immerse a whole tablecloth in the water, squeeze a little wool, knead the bubbles, soak it for half an hour, and then flush it with water twice, the tablecloth will be refreshing.


Machine washing can also


I also secretly tried it, and the soaked tablecloth could be cleaned into the washing machine. It’s just that too high frequency may affect the service life of the coating, and it is not recommended to do it.

After getting the creases, you can remove it by washing.

As for the iron, the tablecloth reverse, and iron the towel from the tablecloth with a tablecloth. It can also make the tablecloth as flat as the dad’s shirt.


Normal version

Rough version

Color division

In order to make the pattern more layered, we use the same printing process of the same painting as Andy Warhol -the screen coloring printing.


This printing process has been time -consuming, but it has been used to this day because it is inconvenient to present the effect.


The most important thing is the master’s experience

Silk net printing belongs to the pore -board mesh leak printing. When there are many colors, the 8 to 10 Philinne should be neatly stacked in order to ensure that the picture is complete. Therefore, the more colors, the more complicated the printed order. At the time of the early development alone, a new version is 4 or 5,000 yuan.


Filin board

But because of coloring printing, its color degree is very good. Each layer of color is clearly expressed. Each tablecloth takes more than 2 months of production time.


Nordic design


Most of the designers of the Nordic natives are doing tablecloths. The different living environment has made a different understanding of the perception of color and nature. This is also a reason for many people to respect Nordic design ~


Image source: Swedish blogger Jonna Jinton’s website

Whether it is the style of illustration or color selection, it is the original Nordic style. This is an advantage that N multi -online stores cannot compare.

The tablecloth burst on the sale, the model is suitable for swinging

Fresh and natural design style, especially suitable for Table Setting in spring and summer. The color is light and easy to get started.

The user of the small fish table cloth

Maintaining physical and mental pleasure when eating is the secret of extending life. I personally think that having a healthy and beautiful tablecloth is the secret of maintaining physical and mental pleasure. Hurry up ↓↓↓

The user of the small fish table cloth