I really love this “wide -leg pants skirt”.



I can’t help but think of it,


Is there a sunscreen but not sullen item?

Therefore, I searched it constantly, but Huang Tian lived up to the people, and finally let me find it. I don’t know if everyone is familiar with this item, it is a wide -leg pants skirt.

This wide -leg pants look like a skirt, but in fact it is wide -leg pants. It’s just because it is more loose, so it is like a skirt when walking.

But because of this, wearing the upper body is more refreshing and more elegant. The so -called walking is like the wind, it must be said. Although it is a long design, it makes people feel uncomfortable and reduces the impact of external weather.


This item usually has a longer -lasting appearance and a wide and not bloated appearance, so it also avoids the concerns of showing fat.

If you like the elements of modification, you can also try to add pleated design. The effect will be greatly different. Not only will the legs look more slender, but it will also look very thin.

Among them, the form of pleated wide -leg pants is the most common. Because pleated can hide more fabrics, the folds are particularly added, so when standing, it looks like a slim skirt, but it is like a flower butterfly when walking, which is particularly romantic.


Therefore, pleated skirts are also called wind piano skirts, because of its skirt design, which is very extra points for summer, thin and breathable, and sun protection.


In addition, wide -leg dants are also very easy to match. It is an elegant and not easy fashion item.

White shirt + black dants

The white shirt is intellectual and elegant, which corresponds to black dresses. The combination of fresh white and black mysteriousness is also an ultimate sense of blending. So from the corresponding point of view, it is very coordinated, although simple but not ordinary.

If you want to make this sense of fashion to the extreme, you can also try to add a black belt to the white shirt, then the sense of blending will be stronger.


In addition, the length of the panties is recommended to choose the mid -length model. This length can perfectly cover most of the area. The exposed calves and ankles are very slender, so it will be thinner and higher.

Black jacket + black dants

In fact, most daily life only needs simple and leisure daily match. Therefore, it is not necessary to wear it, and often the same color system can already complete the task. For example, this style of wearing black and black dresses is a representative of simple and casual.

The same color matching can help us save a lot of troubles. After all, colorful popular colors can never talk about martial arts. If you want to wear a sense of fashion, you can choose to consume from the inside.


Casual items echo + basic panties skirts

A simple basic item, how to wear a stylish and casual feeling. In fact, I feel that I can start with the echo of leisure items, such as sweaters + sports shoes.

The sweater is a top, and the sneakers are worn on the feet. The distance between the two is large. The echo between the casual sense can make the match look more fashionable.


Most of the style groups have a swaying curve, so its fabrics are generally thin and thin, and they do n’t have to worry about sweltering, especially suitable for summer.

And the extremely expandable pleated design has a sense of falling, so it will be more elegant and intellectual with the upper body. The same color system solves the troubles, but we also need to consider the problem of saturation. The same color system plus different saturation is more layered.


The appearance of pleated skirts is actually no different from ordinary skirts, so it is also the type of elegance, which looks very feminine. Therefore, even with ordinary T -shirts, you can have an elegant temperament. For Xiaobai, this is an extremely versatile magic weapon.


In addition, the pleated skirt also occupies most of the area, so the color should not be too bright. The color is gorgeous but not beautiful. It is recommended to choose the matte system with lower brightness, which looks more advanced.

It is not recommended to choose too heavy fabrics, which will not only show the elegance of pleated skirt, but also bloated.

Therefore, personal favorite is the chiffon wind skirt, with the core of pants and the appearance of the skirt, which is comfortable and elegant, perfectly combining all advantages.


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