They are all wearing suits. The big brothers in the home industry want to play tricks. At the age of 50, they also prefer cute and playful types.


The video of Ma Yun eating ice cream last week touched the hearts of many netizens

Ma Yun in the video shakes hands with people while eating ice cream


Stepping on the old canvas shoes and wearing a large T -shirt, this is also a full -scale ground.


But the target who came to shake hands with him is a formal dress up

After all, it is better to see Ma Yun, or it is better to wear it.

Suit, general standard for formal occasions

The formal occasions in the film and television drama are also a picture of the suit and leather shoes


The suits in the impression are all panels and eyes

But people in furniture companies can wear a suit out of flowers


Red Star Macalline-Che Jianxin

Che Jianxin: Chito Bird grid+suit jacket

Che Jianxin once said: 90 % of Chinese entrepreneurs do not understand aesthetics

We don’t know, 90 % and other 10 %


What kind of car does the car belong to?


When you cold, wear a jacket, heat it and replace it with a small vest


From winter to summer, the Chronicles of the Che’s Chia Birds are “inseparable”

From 2016-2019, three years have passed.

Cross: I want to wear the suit to look like myself, I belong to those 10 %

Yuexing Furniture Group Chairman-Ding Zuohong

Ding Zuohong: I also firmly believe that I am also 10 %

Ding Zuohong is definitely the most beautiful boy in the home circle


Blue suit+pink shirt, petite and cute is a cruel person


I wear a suit, I am not the same

We have all kinds of grids, stripes, dark colors, light colors!

In order to match the suit, most of the shirts of Ding Zuohong are pink

Add a wine red tie


In short, the color cannot be pension, and the tricks cannot be less

To be the pretty babies who are the best in a suit in the home circle


Beijing Act House-Wang Linpeng

You read it right, it’s the little cute little cute

Wang Linpeng: Wearing a suit, you can’t lose the color, so you can see me at a glance


Imagine a dark suit, my pink tender and cute, who doesn’t look at it

Dark suit+white shirt, I heard that everyone is wearing this way

Do not! I want personality


Various wave dots collar

Wang Linpeng: With such a bow tie, with a bit of playfulness

I want what I want, yes

Jiangsu Hengkang Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd.-Ni Zhanggen

Don’t wear a suit and do not tie the neat, the top button must not be buckled


In any case, the suit is standard

However, the tie cannot be available, but the buttons cannot be buckled


I am also 10 %, please don’t question my aesthetics


When we do home, we must wear different people in the suit

We represent the image of an enterprise, and our aesthetics must be good

Therefore, the suit is not necessarily dark and stable in the wind

There are also cute and playful style in time

The home circle must be the most wearing suit