How to match high heels and clothes in winter European and American women wearing high heels and clothes


Winter European and American women wearing recommendations

冬季欧美女性穿搭推荐 高跟鞋和衣服怎么搭配

1. Choose a metallic pleated skirt in winter, no matter how you match it, you can make your dress elegant and dazzling.

2. The black streaming half skirt with black ankle boots is simple and full of sense of high -level.

3. If you like short skirts, don’t forget to choose a skirt with high -level luxury materials to make your winter stack more high -level.

4. Printed skirt with personalized boots to make your attention perfectly transfer to your lower body. Not only is it suitable for slightly fat girls, but also very fashionable!

5. Long sweater, wearing it on the skirt, is very comfortable, and there are no effortless laziness and fashion.

冬季欧美女性穿搭推荐 高跟鞋和衣服怎么搭配

6. Is it thin and slender in winter? Use a turtleneck sweater with high waist long skirt, walking with wind and showing a graceful figure.

7, red leather skirt with bottom pants, short version of down jackets and sneakers of the same color, casual and lady’s winter match.

How to choose high heels in winter

The first is the size problem. For shoes, the first sentence of the shopping guide will ask how big the size is. At this time, we must pay attention to the high heels in winter sometimes there will be some designs with velvet or hair, which may be smaller. This requires us to try it out to know what size to choose. Be sure to try it on yourself, first report the code you usually wear to try on and look like, and then decide to be the largest or one.

Then there is the comfort of the shoes. We need to wear high -heeled shoes for a day, so we are not recommended to go away at randomly, especially in winter. The discomfort of high heels, so the comfort of shoes is also a very important thing.

How to choose the length of down jacket

冬季欧美女性穿搭推荐 高跟鞋和衣服怎么搭配

The length to the waist, the down jacket on the waist may be relatively high for the small man, but if you are relatively high, you will wear this kind of down jacket with the waist. It feels like stealing children’s clothes, which is a bit tacky. This too short length will not keep warm for winter.

Suggestions: down jackets of the upper and lower length of the hips. The down jacket with the length of the hips is the most common. It is more suitable for both tall or small. Generally, we can easily wear a sense of fashion according to our own body shape. Did you learn a trick again? This way of wear is still worth learning from.